Reduce, Reduce, Reduce: Arts and Entertainment


If you've picked up a copy of BW lately, you may have noticed it's lacked some heft; not in the quality of the content, just the amount. Fewer ads=fewer pages and, as in lean times in the past, we've had to adjust.

We've reduced the number of pages dedicated to sections like News and the Calendar, and put other sections such as Noise, Screen and Arts on rotation. We try not to have the same section out two weeks in a row, but that isn't always possible.

The paper has been sans a Noise feature (we try to never cut the live music guide) for the last couple of weeks, but Noise should return in the Jan. 14 issue. We don't have a Screen section this week, but movies times should be back in next.

We place an equally high value on all of our sections, and cutting them is like dropping the kids off at a sleepover: you get a little break, but you miss them like crazy.