Something About Death Cab for Cutie


When Seattle-based label Barsuk signed Death Cab for Cutie, both entities were young, fresh, innovative, original and exciting. In the 10 years since DCfC's debut release, Something About Airplanes, both band and business have aged, but in graceful ways exclusive to a fortunate few. Something About Airplanes was an important album for band, label and fans for sure, but also in that it was instrumental in giving voice to a sound that would become so identifiable with the Pacific Northwest.

Tomorrow, a limited deluxe edition reissue of Something About Airplanes will be available nationally. The reissue of Something is neither a maudlin nostalgic grasp at glory long gone nor is it just some cleverly timed holiday gimmick. With the inclusion of a "recently unearthed recording of the band's first ever Seattle show" at the Crocodile Cafe (supporting another essential Seattle band, Harvey Danger) new artwork and an essay by HD's Sean Nelson, the album is a comprehensive introduction for those not familiar with DCfC and a beautiful blue reminder of how it felt to hear them for the first time.

For more info, visit Barsuk online.