Stueckle & Cheese


Rising above the color-coordinated sections of blue and orange sweatshirts perches the recently completed Stueckle Sky Club, a high-class silver appendage to Bronco Stadium. For football fans with extra money who want to enjoy a game without the bother of being part of the main crowd, the 750 club seats, 39 sky suites, and 44 lodge boxes, will provide that alternative in an isolated annex towering 170 feet in the air. - M3M0 VIA FLICKR
  • M3M0 via Flickr

At an Oct. 19 reception for the architects and developers associated with this 18-month project, BW sipped Stella Artois and got a glimpse of what Boise looks like from these heights. Wine and cheese are abundant at this altitude; there are padded chairs to watch the game and luxury banquet rooms where you can order Stella from the bar, all with the view angled to block out any sight of the plebian seats below.

The $37 million Sky Club was completed earlier this fall and has since been open for home games. It’s Boise State’s latest idea to capitalize on The Bronco’s athletic fame. In his Aug. 20 State of the University address Bob Kustra stressed that the funding for this project all came from private donations and appealed to the "doubting Thomases among us" to keep faith that ultimately, somehow, academics will benefit from this. Whether or not that is the case remains to be seen; but the view is spectacular.