Liquid Laughter in Boise


As a big fan of stand-up comedy, I was more than a little bummed to see the BoDo-located Boise Funny Bone Comedy Club close up shop last year. I'm terribly disappointed to see, nearly a year later, we still don't have a place in town dedicated to that particular art form (Or do we? More on this later).

Several bars and restaurants in the valley have stepped up to fill the humor hole at least a little by offering the occasional stand-up night. New BoDo bar, Liquid (which inhabits the ex-Funny Bone building), joins the list of places furnishing some funny for free. On Sunday nights at 7 p.m., Liquid Laugh Track will feature both local and national acts for no cover charge (no word on a drink minimum). And if you hear a big donkey guffaw coming from the back of the room, come say hi to me.

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