Esquire Endorses Idaho Candidates

From the magazine that voted Pengilly's one of America's best bars, here's a little something out of left field for your Friday afternoon. Esquire Magazine has endorsed three Idaho Congressional candidates: Larry LaRocco, Mike Simpson and Walt Minnick.

Two years ago, the magazine better known for its focus on scantily clad women and boozing decided to start endorsing candidates in every federal race in America. The latest issue not only endorses but offers up some pretty scrappy commentary as explanation.

On Risch vs. LaRocco, Esquire says: "Sadly, total heterosexual Larry Craig is retiring. His replacement will either be a man who believes 'President Bush is one of our greatest presidents,' or it won't."

On Sali vs. Minnick, Esquire follows the Huffington Post's recent lead: "Bill Sali's 2006 election smacked of closet masochism in Idaho politics. (He's 'an absolute idiot,' in his state party leader's words.) This is a man, after all, who believes 'there could be 40 barrels of oil' in each tree in Idaho. We're not kidding."

And on Simpson vs. Holmes, the magazine simply references another of its stories in this issue: "The 10 Best Members of Congress," a short list on which Simpson is included for, among other things, his philosophy that "democratic representation is a matter of finding not advantageous positions but common ground."