Two Hatted

The Huffington Post has taken notice of Wayne Hoffman.

Rep. Bill Sali's official Congressional spokesman took flak this summer when Nampa's Idaho Press-Tribune published an editorial addressing Hoffman's dual role as both Sali's Congressional and campaign spokesman.

The editorial sparked not only a strongly worded retort from Hoffman, which was printed in the Press-Tribune, but it also spawned the creation of a blog by the Press Tribune's editors.

Today the Huffington Post reported that three of Sali's Congressional staff members were working on his campaign staff, at least two of whom are drawing government salaries. Although the brief makes clear that it's not illegal for staffers to donate time to a campaign, it raises some questions about how much time is acceptable.

Reporter Seth Colter Walls also recaps some of Sali's most memorable public moments, including his scuffle with then Speaker of the House Bruce Newcomb who called Sali "an idiot" for claiming abortion causes breast cancer and Sali's repeated assertion that a tree could hold up to 40 barrels of oil.