"The Count"


Each week in Food News, Boise Weekly has been publishing the results of a little contest hosted by Chef Jon Mortimer's Eagle restaurant Franco Latino.

Here's the idea: one drink, two names. Rather than order-by-number, the idea is that the imbiber orders by presidential candidate. More specifically, the candidate for whom the drinker intends to vote come November.

For example, if Obama was your man, you'd order a Barackatini, but if McCain had your vote, you'd order a McCainapolitan. After delivering up your ice-cold orange flavored martini, the bartender chalks one up for you candidate of choice.

Since the informal polling began Sept. 5, the results as posted every Wednesday in Food News have been:

Week 1: 17 to 4, Barack Obama

Week 2: 27 to 17, still Obama

This week is Week 3, but due to Best of Boise (which sucks up so much space, there's no room for Food News), we're going to deliver the count a little early.

As of Tuesday, Sept. 23, Obama is still ahead. The official count is 40 to 22, Barackatini. Here's two interesting tidbits: Shara Mortimer told BW three self-described independents ordered up Barackatinis and a few Republican customers at Franco Latino have declared their intention to vote for their party's nominee, however, they don't back him enough to buy a drink named after him. Things that make you go hmm...