t-minus 90 minutes


Just digging myself out from under a mound of work we call BOB at the office. Best of Boise hits the Web in about 90 minutes and the fun begins.

This year is a big one. All candidates were write-ins (no drop-down menus) and nominees were required to be local. Despite the latter rule, which was instated this year, a number of people still managed to log a vote for Barnes & Noble as best local bookstore and Dillard's as best shoe store.

Maybe by this time next year the "local" vs. "non-local" debate brewing in certain circles will have seeped out into other circles where people don't currently get the difference.

I reported on the growing local movement in last week's main feature and as I chipped away at the research, I was surprised how many people were unaware of buy local movements. Now that my byline appears infrequently in BW, I'm often asked if I'm working on any stories and what they are. More than once recently I answered those inquiries with the framework of Think Boise First and other nationwide local first campaigns and was met with a look that was simultaneously confusion and enlightenment.

Something tells me I'll be explaining this more than once tomorrow as the BOB calls start coming in ...