Changes for Statesman


In the wake of the announcement that The Idaho Statesman will be laying off an additional 15 employees, including six from the newsroom, publisher Mi-Ai Parrish said readers can expect to see changes in the daily paper.

“We’re still figuring out what that’s going to look like for readers,” she told BW, adding Statesman management has been talking to readers and employees for months to determine the direction the paper should take.

In the meantime, six newsroom employees including two reporters will be leaving the ranks, forcing the restructuring of the way news is covered.

“The newsroom is working hard together to figure out a plan going forward to be as smart as possible for our readers,” Parrish said. “I’m really proud of the way they’ve pulled together.

“This is a difficult time, but not impossible.”

The cuts come after the Statesman’s parent company, McClatchy, ordered a company-wide reduction in staff as cost-cutting measures continue for the embattled media company. The Statesman has already announced that 22 production employees will be laid off early next year when printing of the paper moves to the Press-Tribune plant in Nampa.

Readers have been seeing the change in the paper for months as several veteran reporters have left—leaving vacancies that were never filled—and even photographers have begun filing stories.

“It’s part of us being as smart as possible with the resources that we have,” Parrish said.

Reporters cut from the newsroom will be leaving within the next few weeks, joined by employees from advertising and circulation.

“We’re losing talented, valued employees,” she said.