fed up


It occured to me this afternoon that I should blog about every restaurant experience I endure in Boise. But honestly that would be a post (sometimes two) daily and I'd get little else done in the way of work or attempts at more meaningful blog entries.

About this time last year, I counted the number of times I'd eaten out in a week and wrote about it in Food News. The total count was 11. Yeah, in seven days. These last few weeks have been just as bad.

Since last Monday, I've spent money at Flying M (more than once), Moxie Java, Tully's, Hyde Park Pub, Hugo's Deli, Sockeye Grill & Brewery and O'Michael's Pub. I also ate at Sizzler, Cafe Ole and Reef, but someone else picked up those checks. And that count doesn't include the nearly two dozen dishes I sampled while judging a chef's competition at A Taste of Idaho last weekend, which included chefs from Brick 29, SixOneSix, Highland's Hollow, Rudy's, Cucina di Poalo, Ketchum Grill, Morles at Tamarack and the Arid Club.

Somtimes people ask what makes me so qualified to write about food. I just give them the weekly restaurant line up.