gonzo, denver and boise weekly


At the insistent suggestion of BW's publisher, the entire editorial department knocked off early last week and took in a late afternoon showing of Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson.

Three days later we sent our news guy down to Denver to cover the Democratic National Convention. 

Coincidence? Nope. Calculated inspiration 'twas that little field trip of ours. (After the film, "news guy" Nathaniel Hoffman confessed he wants to be just like Hunter Thompson—minus the drugs, guns and women. Movie mission completed.)

So now he's down in Colorado, poking his head into strip clubs looking for lusting politicians with a fistful of greenbacks, talking his way into credentials, avoiding trouble in the Black Caucus, giving Craigslist founder Craig Newmark a lesson on the nature of news, lambasting "pro" journalists for acting like a bunch of partisan ninnies, and stalking the smoothie-toting Arianna Huffington camp. 

If it's squeaky clean, equitable news you want out of Denver, log on to any one of the myriad news outlets covering the convention and let the usual chirp of politicians and pundits get to work on your ears. We in the alternative world are looking for something else—something that hasn't been manipulated by consultants and stylists and strategists before being handed over in a nice little package. I have my doubts that's even possible in a world in which the news biz is run by multi-billionaire tycoons and giant media conglomerates spread across many states. But we'll do our best to see if a little alt weekly owned by one woman in a little Northwest city can find something new to say about all the usual hullabaloo.