a bunch of b.s.


Today's Idaho Statesman devoted a hefty chunk of its letters to the editor section to readers' comments on Brandi Swindell's protest and arrest in China. I was surprised to see a majority of those letters--six of seven--vilifying Swindell, especially since she's spent so much time as the darling spokeswoman for so many in the city's conservative set.
Judging by the public reaction to Swindell's China stunt, it sounds like a number of people would prefer the media just ignore her these days. Just treat her like a petulant child who needs attention and she'll go away, they say.
I may not side with Swindell on any number of issues, but I'll give her one thing: she's got cahones. Find me another Boise woman her age who is as outspoken and involved in local and national (and now, like it or not, international) activism. Find me another 30-something willing to stand up in public for what she believes in knowing full well that she'll be the target of ridicule and the brunt of a joke. Find me another young American--who hasn't incited controversy with sex, drugs or alcohol--who gets us talking about about our values and beliefs.
Last week, Swindell walked into BW's offices at the request of BW news editor Nathaniel Hoffman for an interview as this week's Citizen Boise. Pick up Wednesday's edition of BW to read more about what makes Swindell tick.