one down, two to go


Tonight: Josh Ritter and Andrew Bird. Tuesday: Lyle Lovett. Wednesday: Ani DiFranco. I don't think I've seen this many shows in a week since ... since ... shit, I'd like to say since high school, but I don't think I've ever seen three shows in three days.
Big nod to Knitting Factory. All three are KFCH shows and all I can say is way to come into town and kick some serious ass. The Big Easy never, ever, ever, EVER would have tempted me to put down my book and get out of my house three nights in a row. Never.
The show tonight, in a word: transcendent. It's tacky and cliche, I know, I know. Bird I plan to get to know better after our introduction tonight. Ritter blew it up. Last October's show at the Egyptian had a very intimate, reserved feeling about it. Tonight's show tore up the rule book and lit it on fire. From a lights-out "Idaho" to the encore's finale of an exuberant "Kathleen," I came away from tonight's show with one thing in mind: Josh Ritter is about to be too huge for the likes of a venue Knitting Factory's size. Lyrically he runs circles around Bob Dylan. And his endearing stage presence gets him even further. Props to the band. Poof ... he's Dylan, he's Springsteen, he's much too big to stand around greeting fans in the lobby, doling out hugs and smiles. Oh those were the days of the Egyptian ...
And we'll all say we knew him when.