The Dodos Heart Boise


To all the folks who caught San Francisco indie-folk duo The Dodos at Alive After Five on July 2, it seems you made quite the lasting impression. In an interview with New York-based online nightlife website Club Planet, the Dodos’ lead singer Meric Long named Boise as their favorite tour stop thus far:

"Club Planet: 'What’s been your favorite show that you’ve played so far?'

Meric Long: 'Boise. Boise doesn’t have a big music 'scene.' We played during this festival, and pretty much every other band on the roster was a cover band or a blues band. Somebody from the local record store was a fan of ours and asked us to come play. We thought that since it was downtown, there would just be people eating hot dogs and walking by, not really caring. It actually ended up being awesome: People were really getting down, and the age diversity of the audience was so cool. It was so much fun playing for little kids and old hippies. Everyone was really enjoying it in this honest, unpretentious way. I could feel that, and it made us smile and have a really good time. It was so refreshing.'"

Yup, that’s right. Alive After Five has most definitely upped the ante this summer and we’re glad to see that those darling Dodos approve. Head out to the Grove next Wednesday for Need to Breathe and make sure to stop by the BW table. You’ll be a fan of our new swag.

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