Blogging up for lost time


I've added a reminder to my Entourage calendar to remind me to blog on a regular basis. And, my editor made mention in her 6/25 issue of Note that Boise Weekly, like most other media outlets, does indeed have blogs and bloggers. What better inspiration to maintain a regular blog than to know that there's the potential for 35,000 people to click on the BW Blogs page and wonder why I haven't posted a new one in a month. Granted, I don't really expect 35,000 people to read my blog. But even if just three people click away from the site due to my lack of participation, it's incentive enough.

Quick update: Our 7/2 issue includes our Annual Coldest Beer feature. It's extra special this year because it's a big one at 70+ pages and it's bound like a magazine. We've got other great stories in the upcoming issue as well: we look at an artist who deals with his mental illness, in part, with his art; a handful of First Thursday wine events; Boise Community Radio; vocal coaches; a 2C restaurant review; and much more.
And any time you read a blog post, or a story online, please feel free to leave comments, good or bad.