A New Era of BW


It's 9pm, and just a couple of hours ago, we sent the latest issue of Boise Weekly off to the press. This Monday and Tuesday were much like every other. They start early, end late and the long hours are filled with e-mail, phone calls, Google searches, thousands of words to write and thousands more to edit. But this issue was different. We have two new people in the office: Nathaniel Hoffman has taken on the role of news editor and Tara Morgan has joined the editorial team as staff writer. On Monday, Elaine, our Calendar Guru, returned from a 10-day Mexican honeymoon; Deanna took over as features editor and will now wrangle the rec section; I will continue on my merry way as A&E editor (minus rec, of course) and Rachael Daigle sat in the captain's seat as our new editor. As all of the personnel changes were taking place, so were changes in the overall attitude of what we hope to accomplish and how we hope to do it.

This week's issue is one I proudly hold up against any other alt-weekly without reservation. Our feature on Pride was well-planned and well-written and, throughout the issue, the contributions of some regular writers and those of some relatively new ones--namely a piece on couch-surfing by Johanna Kirk and a film review by Jeremiah Wierenga--were top-notch. I'm honored to be in the company of such fine writers as Nathaniel and Tara, and to continue to work alongside Deanna and Elaine to take the paper to a level that, under Rachael's direction, we can easily attain. Proofing the pages today, I was proud to see my name in the masthead.

Atkins out (and looking forward to the future)