putting together pride


I spent the morning editing BW's Pride feature for next week, and I've come away realizing that my very first issue as editor may also be the edition that sets the entire tone of my tenure at the helm of BW.

For next week's issue, we've asked prominent members of the city's gay and lesbian community to contribute personal essays about what "Pride" means to them. I was floored by the stories they sent in. And dismayed to read about the mistreatment gays and lesbians still endure.
As a straight woman—no matter how many gay and lesbian friends I have—I'll never fully be able to understand the daily struggles members of the gay community still face in our society. It's almost incomprehensible to me that political and community leaders can still stand up in front of a crowd of people and publicly attack a segment of the population for being different. Have we not collectively learned from the mistakes of our past? Not long ago religion, skin color and gender were reasons to deny citizens basic rights. Today civil rights and equal rights are no-brainers, but in the absence of gay rights, it doesn't seem like we've evolved much.