One song at a time


The amount of music readily available is, at the very least, daunting but I don't think that's an excuse for not exploring new acts and sounds, even if it's only once in awhile and even if it's just one new song.
To be able to converse about music at all, it's important maybe not to choose new bands to add to your regularly-listen-to repertoire, but to at least acknowledge they exist. And to recognize that a lot of them are adding something valuable to the music canon.

While at work, my go-to music choice is 3wk Internet radio. They offer three listening choices: classic rock, '80s and '90s rock, and indie rock. I usually click the indie rock choice. I hear bands I already know and dig, like Built to Spill or Modest Mouse. More importantly, I am introduced to music that's new to me. Most recently, I found Kate Nash whose song "Dickhead" is such a cool groove, the Long Blondes who dropped a trippy, misleading intro into their track "Century," and the Black Keys' crazy, scary, Appalachian "Psychotic Girl."
I still have my regular favorites and I'll still click on 3wk most days, but I hope I never find the end of new music.
Atkins out (but never of stuff to listen to).