That's No Downer


Sometimes graffiti is as much about what you take away as what you add to a cityscape.

As much as we loved breaking the news about the dick drawing on Simplot Hill last summer, we have a new crush.

This time around, someone has taken a creative look at the so, so outdated banner hanging off the building adjacent to the Boise Hole.

We've just about lost track of the twists and turns this case has taken. Suffice it to say, don't hold your breath for the cursed corner to gain any new lease on life soon.

Until it does, somebody has given voice to the frustrations of many a downtown booster.

What once read "Bringing The Neighborhood Downtown" is now so much more appropriate. Someone taped over the "town" in the slogan to remind us that the project is really "Bringing the Neighborhood Down."

Thank you, genius reductive graffiti artist. You have put the caption on our feelings about the mighty, mighty hole.