Mayors Hotline


They're back. That's right, after a long pause, we're happy to bring back the transcripts from the Boise Mayor's Hotline.

Once again, the topic topping everyone's list: dogs and the foothills. Oh, and a bunch of out-of-state people seem to have problems with contacting long-lost relatives and with out dry grass.

Tony Davis

Red Light Runners: The last 2 weeks people are running red lights like crazy. It’s pretty scary. I saw four or five on Fairview and Eagle Rd. They’re all over. Can this be policed harder?? It seems like ever since the aggressive driving commercial came on, drivers have gotten worse. BPD Action Taken: contacted

Tyler Alborn

Loveland, OH

Misc: I was wondering...I can’t find on the internet...I could find the Boise Gazette­—it’s a newspaper company...I’m pretty sure in Boise, Idaho. We need to find a family member there; we’re having a family emergency; someone is passing away and we need to reach them and that’s where they work and we can’t get hold of them any other way. I hope to hear back from you so we can call. Action Taken: left msj

Scott Cross

Ventura, CA

Boise Parks and Rec.: I’m in town visiting with my nephews. They were playing a La Cross game this vening at Hobble Creek Park and the field was in pretty pour shape. It looked like it needed quite a bit of attention, at least water. I was told that they had not turned the water on, on the field yet. There were a lot of kids going down because of the dry conditions. The thatched brown grass looked like the possibility of some injuries happening there. This was with Centennial High School. If you could address that, it seems like it would be a pretty simple problem to take care of. I would appreciate it. BPR Action Taken: BPR contacted

Jim Wiley

Park and Rec: I was just wondering, you know they’ve got all the drinking fountains turned off on the running or the bike path. I know they normally turn them on a little later, but there’s so much usage and there just isn’t any water around when I’m running, and I think the bikers too. Is there any way they can turn it on early this year? Thank you. BPR

Susan Lake

Boise, ID 83702

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling regarding the on-leash only trails for dogs in the Boise foothills. I just wanted to let you know I’m really opposed to that. One of the nice things about Boise is that it’s been such a dog-friendly town. It’s what really makes it kind of quirky and charming and pet lovers live here for that reason. I don’t think people want to have to drive further in their cars with the cost of gas in order to be able to walk their dogs off the leash. I think all this over regulation that is happening in our society is just really making it so that people are losing their freedom and their own personal responsibilities. I think it’s better to just rely on people’s good conscience and urge people to have a good conscience. So, there’s my opinion and I hope that you will listen to all the people who seem to agree with me. Thank you. Action Taken: contacted

Peggy Wheatcroft

Boise, ID

Foothills Dog Policy: I would like to register my vote against the initiative for leashes required on trails in the Boise foothills. In other words, I would like to have the no-leash trails available for all people who are considerate and watch their animals. Thank you very much. BPR

David Clemens

Boise, ID

Speeding: The purpose of my call is that 28th St. is becoming a freeway. The posted speed limit in one or maybe two places is 30. We believe as an organized group of this street, and its homeowners, that the lack of attention of traffic enforcement on the street, the lack of posting proper speed limits as it should be, our street is becoming a drag raceway, and a potential death trap for our kids. They’re crossing the street from Lowell Elementary School up and down 28th St. where we have a tremendous amount of people who actually live on 28th St.; the homeowners back into 28th St., and our street is becoming a freeway at 55 mph and above. We want the street speed changed to 25 mph, enforced, speed bumps at Good and 28th, a stop sign with a posted crosswalk at 28th and Good, and have it enforced on an on-going basis until the traffic gets under control. It is an absolute nightmare and people are leaving our street as a result of it. would very much appreciate the city’s help and attention and also a follow-up with me on this as I am becoming extremely active with this concerned group and will do whatever is needed to try to help rectify some of the problems that are escalating here on 28th Street. BPD Action Taken: left msj

Robert Carr

Boise, ID

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling regarding the proposal to make the foothills trails on leash for all dogs. I would like to say that I strongly oppose this proposal and I feel that this could have some unintended consequences in that frankly if the dogs are no longer allowed off leash, or not allowed on trails, then it makes me certainly more likely not to support any set-asides or purchase of lands or anything because basically my tax dollars go for nothing then and I feel that there are probably a lot of other people who feel this way and this may eventually cause actually a spur development in the foothills because people will not want to pay for the conservation. Thank you. BPR

Shane Lowe

Boise, ID 83703

Foothills Dog Policy: I am calling regarding the meeting scheduled for Wednesday morning, May 7, 2008 at the Foothills Learning Center at 7:30 a.m. I have been receiving a lot of information from people who have expressed interest in going, but have been told not to attend by Ms. Grant. I and others attended the meeting a couple of months ago regarding the dog off-leash trails and some of the parks; it was overwhelmingly in favor of more off-leash trails and off-leash areas. Some of the information that has been put out by Ms. Grant appears to be against those ideals, against those things that appear to be in favor of the pets and pet owners walking areas. I’m concerned about this, and I hope that the Council will intervene and take the input that was left from the meetings rather than what Ms. Grant appears to be putting out there. As I said before, I’m concerned about some of the political maneuvering that seems to be taking place by telling people not to attend and initially the wrong date, time, and location was provided which also appears to be somewhat of a political maneuver. Again, I hope the Council and Mayor will intervene on this and listen to the people, the citizens of Boise. We have such a great area with such a high population of pets and pet owners. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

Shirley Noteboom

Boise, ID

Code Enforcement: I am calling about the house next door, 618 Linden. It’s a rental; they have not mowed that lawn yet this year. The dandelions are up and ready to blow across into everybody’s yard. The people have rented the house for one more month, and then they are moving out. Nobody has mowed that lawn and they will not mow it for another month, and I’m sure some of the weeds are 12 inches high. The other thing is, it is a house that is being rented; also the garage is being rented and they only have one gas meter, one power meter, and one mail box for both places. I wonder, is this legal to have two rentals there and only one of everything? I would appreciate it if they would at least just mow that lawn so we don’t get all those dandelions in our yard and in all the other neighbors’ yards. Thank you. PDS Action Taken: contacted

James Clark

Atlanta Gold Mine: This is concerning the Atlanta Mine issue. I do not want the Atlanta Mine to open because it will pollute the river. There’s no doubt it; it’s been done other places. The river is too valuable to take any kind of chance at all. I do not want the river polluted. Thank you. Action Taken: left msj

Jeff Arnold

Airport: I am on my bike on the Greenbelt, which I dearly love and appreciate and thank you for. I have a suggestion, not a complaint. It is relative to the training center for the crash site at the airport. Oh, there’s another big black plume going up; I’ve been watching it for about an hour. Obviously, the people at the training site kind of watch the direction of the wind to see whether or not they can burn, but today the smoke is going up about 2,000 ft. then it’s heading west. At the site, they think it’s leaving the area, but after it heads west a little while, it turns north, then it’s coming back east, so that smoke is really filling the valley right now. My suggestion is—that facility isn’t very complicated; it’s not very expensive. It just has the fuselage and some plumbing so they can burn jet fuel. It really should be moved to a site as far south of the prison as you can get it. I think that wouldn’t be very expensive, and the city is responsible for the airport, so probably you might be able to do something with that. That’s just my suggestion and I appreciate your attention. Once again, thank you for the Greenbelt. Airport

Eric Billingsley

Boise, ID 83702

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling to register my displeasure at the consideration of making all of the trails leash only for dog owners in the foothills. I think that there might be some issues there as far as fecal matter and things like that from dogs, but I don’t think that having them on leash has any bearing on that at all. I think it’s a totally off-kilter sort of knee-jerk response to the recommendation from the people who are pushing this forward. I really wanted to let you know that it doesn’t sound like it’s in the interest of anyone, and certainly not the majority of people in Boise. Most people really enjoy the foothills, their pets, the freedom that they provide, and by clamping down on something like this is really misguided and I just think it’s a really stupid thing to consider. Please don’t pass this legislation. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: contacted

Greg Olson

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about the possible changes that you are looking into regarding the dog policies in various parks, most specifically in Camel’s Back. There are too few parks in this town that allow dogs. We have a lot of trouble finding places that we can take our black Lab, Charlie, to have him be able to just run around. Boise is getting large enough now, that it’s difficult to drive out of city limits any reasonable period of time, to be able to let Charlie run around. There needs to be more dog-friendly parks where an off-leash area is available. At the very least, there need to be parks where ven an on-leash option is not just available, but preferred. Thanks. BPR Action Taken: left msj

Stacey Beeson

Boise, ID 83712

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling to oppose the new on-leash recommendations. I am against having all dogs on leashes all the time in the lower and middle foothills. I feel that we, instead of being so harsh and going to on-leash all the time, need to enforce the on/off leash laws as they are now. I attended the meeting at city hall in February where the working dog committee was. I asked if this was for sure going to be changed, and they told me no, that they were just gathering ideas from people right now. Then, boom, we’re slapped with a recommendation, so I would love a phone call back. Thanks. BPR Action Taken: contacted

Wendy Wooding

Boise, ID

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about the proposed dog ban in the lower foothills. I’m letting you know that I’m opposed to that plan and wondering what else can be done about it. I feel to ban the dogs would just ruin their quality of life. Anyway, I plan to go to the meeting coming up here tomorrow on Wednesday. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I oppose that plan to keep the dogs up in the higher areas to exercise. BPR Action Taken :left msj

Dr. Wes Kesar

Foothills Dog Policy: I am calling about the issue with the dogs in the foothills. I have lived in Boise for 24 years, run in the foothills that entire time, the last 15 or so with dogs. In 15 years, I have seen one incident with a dog, and I see more than that every day just driving around the city. I think the proposal to put dogs on leash is just really stepping way too far. There’s no need to do that. If we need to do a better job of picking up after our dogs, absolutely I agree, and I think all you have to do is ask, and we will do that. But to go to an on-leash policy is a bit extreme. I am actually in Bozeman, Mont. right now; I ran in the foothills this morning in an area that was an on-leash dog area, and I saw 20 dogs, none of which were on leashes. I talked to a couple of people who told me their dogs were well-behaved and they take care of them and pick up after them, and they simply don’t see the need to follow a bad law. So, we certainly hope you will take that into consideration. I assume you’ve seen the petition on-line that had, last time I saw it, over 2,500 names on it, or close to that, with a lot of comments. I hope certainly, you would read those before making any decision. Thank you for your consideration; we hope you do the right thing. BPR

Jennifer Christiano

Resident of Boise

Foothills Dog Policy: I am calling to leave a comment about the recommendation from the dog policy working group about the proposed reversal of all of our trails to leash-only dog trails. I am vehemently opposed to the leash-only concept. I have been in Boise almost six years, have hiked the foothills an average of three to five times a week throughout the whole hiking season each year, have met hundreds and hundreds of dogs and have had a dog myself for the last 2 1⁄2 years. In all that time we have met only one animal that gave us a problem; that animal was a large female Rot Whiler on a leash in a dog park. We have never ever had a problem any where else with an unleashed dog. We’ve also seen a fair amount of wildlife in the area such as a Coyote we saw yesterday at Table Rock; we’ve seen deer, quail, foxes, ground hogs, much wildlife. My dog has never chased anything, and I have to say that the main difficulty that we have on the trails is the mountain bikers. However, I understand that we all have to share the same space, so I’ve trained my dog to go off the trail when the mountain bikers come around. I really resent people who don’t like dogs who are trying to impose an extremist measure on all the rest of us just so they don’t have to accommodate public space use for those who might be using it differently than they would like to see it. We all have to share and we all have to tolerate a little inconvenience, and the on-leash only is a reversal to an extremist measure that doesn’t protect anyone, but only satisfies the needs of certain people who refuse to learn to allow others into their space. Again, please “NO” on the on-leash proposal and thank you very much. BPR Action Taken: contacted

Cathleen Klokke

Boise, ID 83703

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling to register my opposition to the regulation of making the Boise foothills trails on leash only for dogs. I have walked my dog almost daily in the foothills and it’s provided me and my dog hours and hours of entertainment. He’s very well behaved; we follow the rules and I think that this movement is limiting access to the foothills to a lot of people who use it and walk the trails with their best companion, and I think that there are other solutions to this problem. I have a springer spaniel and he needs to be able to run free to be able to get the proper exercise. I also need to walk; I have osteoporosis and it makes me get out and walk. I just think this would limit access to the foothills for some people. BPR Action Taken: contacted

Teresa Morris

Foothills Dog Policy: I live in the North End and I’m very concerned about the controversy about the dog parks. I’ve been walking my dogs off leash in the foothills for 26 years and I’ve never had a single problem. They’ve never chased any animals and they’ve never fought with other dogs. I’ve had six dogs and I’m up there almost every single day and I’m very concerned about this. I will be going to the meeting tomorrow, so I just wanted to be one more voice in favor of the dogs off leash because there are so many places in Boise in and around this city where people can walk without dogs, and I think the people who are concerned should go to those places and leave our few areas we have for our dogs off leash to the dogs. Thank you for listening. BPR Action Taken: left msj

Jeanette Limbert

Boise, ID 83705

Foothills Dog Policy: This is in regard to the no-leash law that they are trying to enact in the foothills. I’m totally against it. I should be able to have a place where I can take my dog off leash and let him and me get some exercise at the same time. The dog park is wonderful and I appreciate the fact that we finally got a dog park here in Boise, but there is no water for my dog, except the fountain. In regards to the dog poop, if somebody is not picking up their dog poop with the dog off leash, they’re less likely to pick up their dog poop on-leash because if you’re trying to pick it up and your dog is going a different way, you can’t bend over. Second of all, in regards to the wildlife, I am pro-wildlife, but I’ve only seen in my seven or eight years of taking my dogs up in the foothills one time of somebody allowing a dog or teaching their dog to chase wildlife. My dogs have done it once and only once, and that was chasing a bird and they have stopped. We have seen foxes, horses, and deer. My dogs don’t chase wildlife. Third, if you want to prohibit people from doing something up there, it’s bicyclists. My nephew has almost been hit by a bicyclist because they come speeding around those corners on the trails. I’ve also had my dog, which is six months old, in an off-leash area chased by a bicyclist because he wouldn’t stop and let me get my dog because he was scared of him. He chased him for half a mile to the road where my dog could have gotten hit. BPR Action Taken :left msj

Jeanette Limbert

Boise, ID 83705

Foothills Dog Policy: I just left a message but you guys cut me off before I could finish. I would appreciate a place that I can go and have enjoyment in Boise without having to spend money. The foothills is one of the only places here I can go without having to worry about money, ruining the environment because I don’t go when it’s raining. Another thing, it’s not good to go on the upper trails to take our dogs off leash, which is my understanding, when there’s more wildlife up there, in fact small cars which are more environmentally friendly, my car couldn’t make it up the hill or any other foothills trail, like 8th St. I did vote for Mayor Bieter, but please do not let me down, because I will not vote for you again. Thank you. BPR

Robert Lembert

Boise, ID

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about that leash law that they want to put up in the foothills. I’m absolutely against it; we don’t need to waste our money on that. Taxes in this god damn city is too much, too high already, and they Mayor doesn’t need another power grab. NO TO THE LEASH LAW, stop wasting our money. BPR

Doug Hunt

Boise, ID

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling with some very grave concerns about the proposed policies on the trail access for dogs in our community. I think that the policies that are being proposed are totally incomprehensive. They don’t allow for the people and animals that live here to have equal access to the trails. I think that the issues that need to be identified, need to be identified, namely sanitation and picking up after your animals, rather than restricting access of animals to trails and people to trails with their animals. Animals are part of our family, they’re part of our livelihood, they’re part of our household, and they’re part of our community. The City Council and the Mayor need to identify these factors when assessing values for a community. I am a resident and I have been here probably way longer than most of you. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

Steve Gilliam

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling to express my support for keeping the foothills leash free for dogs. I think the on-line survey is also capturing comments and feedback, but I wanted to make sure and call the Hotline and express my support for keeping the foothills open and to share my concern that having dogs on leash will not address the dog waste issue, rather I think different solutions need to be proposed if that’s the biggest problem. Thank you. Action Taken: left msj

Linda Schoolcraft

Boise, ID 83709

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling regarding the Boise foothills dog off-leash thing that’s going on right now. I wanted to make a comment that I take my dogs up into the foothills and we keep them off leash most of the time. I watch my dogs and make sure that they don’t get out of control, and we do pick up their poop. I don’t think it’s very fair that the lady on the news was talking about dog owners being irresponsible because I’m a very responsible pet owner, and I have a four year old and infant that I also take on the walks with me. It would make it very difficult if we had to take the dogs on leash all the time everywhere because I couldn’t control all of them at once like that. Off leash I can do it much easier, and I do pick up their poop. There have been many times when the bikers, to me, have been more of a problem than pet owners because they come around the corners so fast. My little boy has almost gotten hit a couple of times, so maybe that issue needs to be addressed. As far as the dog thing put on leash, it would really be appreciated if it was less the way it was, or at least maybe make the trails more specific so that specific ones bikers could not go on where dogs off leash can go on; something like that. BPR Action Taken: left msj

Anonymous male

Foothills Dog Policy: I would like to voice my support for the foothills leash law. Thank you. BPR


Graffiti: I’m calling to report a large patch of graffiti on the side of Cottman Transmission on State St. I’ve seen a bunch of it pop up all over town, so it’s time to get on it again. Thanks. Graffiti Team

Catherine Young

Boise, ID 83706

Foothills Dog Policy: A follow-up letter or phone call is not necessary. I’m just leaving a comment regarding the proposal to limit dogs walking off leash in the Hulls Gulch Foothills area. I would like to comment that we must remember that a lot of what Hulls Gulch is was initially begun by citizen involvement and contributions. Though my family’s name isn’t engraved on the big stone there, we contributed what was for us significant, in the hundreds of dollars way back when, and we feel like that would be a significant betrayal of many of the citizens like us who lived in the neighborhood at the time and contributed to the purchase of the land that became Hulls Gulch. We feel we’ve been responsible users of the area and to be shut out is not what we would have anticipated. My second comment would be that we do appreciate the increase in the civility of the bikers when passing people on foot; many of us do both. I think a significant effort was made on behalf of mountain bikers to improve their courtesy and that’s been noticed, I would say over the last three years, so a significant amount of trail braiding I recognize may be unavoidable with dogs off leash, but as for trails widening due to where they’ve had bikers and walkers using the same path now, especially around the Foothills Center, there’s an amount of trail widening which is due to people getting the heck out of the way of bikers that they pass. Anyone who doubts that ought to come there on the weekend, which we don’t anymore. We do use the off-hours, and still we yield to the bike traffic when we hear them coming. Again, that’s partly the reason why some of the paths are widening that they complain about. As far as people picking up after their dogs, well you know, that’s just going to be a problem no matter what, and we are happy to pay a user impact fee if it comes to that. I do wish if they begin ticketing owners for not picking up poop in the lower trail, that someone be the pee monitor on the upper trail and ticket anybody who’s urinating after their mountain bike ride. So, anyway, this is just a comment from a citizen who used to live in the neighborhood and now travels to that area. Again, if it’s like a user impact park and walk or park and bike fee, that’s fine, but they need to accommodate the people who originally helped get this thing off the ground, and I think that would be a significant step toward preserving it for everybody. We will do our extra part and help pick up after other people who do not, as we always have. I appreciate your listening to that for what it’s worth. Thanks. BPR

Ron Marquit

Boise, ID

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling concerning the regulation on leashed dogs in the foothills. I am calling to show my support for this regulation, and I see in the Letters to the Editor it’s about three to one against it; only one person was for the regulation. The reason I’m calling is if there is an opportunity for me to testify in favor of the regulation, I am willing to do that. Please let me know if you need some help in supporting the regulations on leash laws. In fact I think at the bare minimum, they should actually go farther as far as regulations go. If you need some help and some testimony, give me a call. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: contacted


Graffiti: I would like to report some graffiti on a fence Glen Ellen off of Mitchell and also on Cory Ln. On Mitchell it’s on the left side of the street, and on Cory Ln. it’s on the south side of the street about midway down – graffiti on the fence. Graffiti Team

Elizabeth Cody

Boise, ID 83702

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling in regard to the proposed leash rules for the dogs in the park. I’m very supportive of the recommendation to put the dogs on leashes, in particular if the dog owners who support non-leash rules cannot offer any solution in which they are a part of the solution. There seems to be a tendency to think that this is a right or an entitlement, that the city should enforce the rule, rather than the dog owners taking it upon themselves to assist the city, such as organizing groups to pick up the dog poop or to go out and help educate the public, or to encourage or try to enforce the rules themselves or the users who are breaking the rules. I have had numerous encounters with bad dog behavior; I have walked dogs before and I keep them on leash; I have had encounters when I run when a 150 lb. Great Dane charged me and the people who are walking the dogs act as if it was just a friendly dog and there’s nothing to be concerned about. I have also had encounters with them on my mountain bike. So, I can see the perspective from many different ways and I think that if people cannot be responsible, that privilege needs to be taken away. So, thank you very much. BPR

Daryl Wilson

Boise, ID 83716

Foothills Dog Policy: I live near the foothills, hike frequently in them with my children, and simply wanted to add my perspective to this issue of whether dogs should be leashed or allowed to run free. Lots of dog owners are speaking up; I speak as someone who has been a dog owner in the past, although I am not presently. I am fully in favor of a leash law that would keep dogs from running free in the foothills, especially since I am often in the foothills with my children. We have more than once encountered dogs that acted aggressively and could have posed a direct threat to the health and even the lives of my kids. We’ve been lucky on that count and have been able to avoid a dire situation; we have not always been able to avoid the poop that the dogs and their careless owners leave behind. It’s been my observation that a lot of owners are quite careless in handling their dogs, and while it may seem like a punishment for everyone because of the offenses of a few to have a leash law, it actually would protect everyone, especially children and others from the health hazards either from aggressive dogs or of their poop. Once again, I just wanted to add my voice to the conversation and to say that that I, my wife, and my kids are fully in favor of leash laws. I don’t think enforcement alone of the present rules would be sufficient because there aren’t enough people available to do the policing to cover the vastness of the area of our trail system. Thank you very much for the opportunity to add our perspective and we’ll be watching with interest to see what the outcome of this is. BPR

Karen Purdy

Boise, ID 83702

Foothills Dog Policy: I would like to comment on the issue that is being decided now about the on-leash only trails legislation for dogs in the foothills. I would like to say that I have lived in the North End of Boise all of my life; one of the reasons I live there is because the foothills are right there and can be used by everyone. I’ve walked my dogs up there all of these years and I have never seen any trouble or very, very rarely do I see trouble between the dogs or the dogs and people. There are other people that use the Foothills that I actually have a lot more trouble with; that would be for example the bicyclists that come screaming down the hill right toward you expecting you to get out of their way; they create a tremendous danger. I do know that they use the foothills as well, so I try to keep an eye out for them and try to get out of their way. As far as the dog poop, which is what’s in the article that I’m looking at, I understand that dogs do go to the bathroom in the Foothills, but dog feces are biodegradable; usually by the next season they are all dissolved into the earth, they actually help the earth as fertilizer. All of the years that I’ve walked up there, I find that the trash that humans leave far exceeds the problems caused by the dog feces that are left. I have found over the years up there, broken beer bottles, food wrappers, bicycle chains, soft drink cups, torn clothing that people have discarded, and my personal favorite—used condoms. So the fact that dogs leave poop in the Foothills is a far lesser problem than the trash that humans leave up there. I would be very, very opposed to any leash law becoming law up there; I have always supported Mayor Bieter and I would like him to know that this is an extremely important issue to me as a North Ender it’s a quality of life issue and it’s going to be something that I will look at when I decide who to vote for in the next election or for City Council members. It is very, very important to me that dogs be allowed to continue to run in the foothills with their owners as long as the owners are responsible about the dogs. If anyone would like to call me, please do. BPR Action Taken: contacted

Linda Miller

Boise, ID 83702

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling regarding the dogs on foothills trails. My husband and I can no longer walk the trails because we’re afraid of getting knocked down by an animal. Last year my husband was walking down a trail, a dog jumped on him from behind, he fell and was unconscious for five minutes, broke his glasses, and it was totally wrong. The Council members and the Mayor need to remember that dogs do not vote, people do and I want the foothills back. I don’t want to step in dog doo, I don’t want to have to worry about dogs, and I don’t want them on the trails. People can keep them in the back yard; that’s what they’re there for. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

Deborah Aslat


Foothills Dog Policy: I am calling to say that we need to maintain the off-leash dog area in the foothills and more accurately address the problem, which is enforcement of the current rules with regard to the poop issue. That’s really the issue driving this; putting dogs on leashes isn’t going to fix that problem. The Parks and Recreation Department needs to do a better job of keeping the poop bags full and just citing people if they’re not complying with picking up their poop. BPR Action Taken: left msj

Paul Peterson

Boise, ID

Foothills Dog Policy: I would like to comment on the proposed leash regulation in the Foothills. I would like to say that I am in favor of more regulation for dogs running around in the foothills and the owners cleaning up their dog messes. There are not enough regulations and there’s not enough enforcement; we need to do more to preserve the wildlife habitat in the foothills and have the Foothills enjoyable by all people, not just dogs and their owners who will not keep them on a leash. Thank you. BPR

Shavawn Wilson

Boise, ID 83702

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling with a comment on the off-leash dog areas. I would urge the Mayor to not adopt the policy presented by the Foothills Conservation Advisory Committee; I believe we can work together to make some other things work out better. I think this is a little too restrictive and a little time and effort, we can resolve the issues and leave the trails open for everybody. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

Jane Woycheck

Boise, ID 83702

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling to comment on the foothills dog on-leash proposal that has come up recently. I attended the meeting this morning at the Foothills Learning Center and I just wanted to urge the Mayor and City Council not to accept any recommendations from that committee until they’ve been thought through a little more; certainly until there’s been a lot more room made for public comment. They have a vague study that they’re working with and there needs to be more public input at this point before legislation occurs. I hope that the Council will consider public comment but before that ever happens, the committee will consider public comment so that we don’t waste the City Council’s time with ill thought out recommendations. Thank you. BPR

Dick Miller

Boise, ID 83716

Foothills Dog Policy: I would like to make a brief comment in support of the proposed change in the leash laws in the Boise foothills trail system. I very much in favor of requiring dogs to be leashed at all times; I’m very much in favor of increasing the fine for not abiding by that requirement, and I am submitting a letter with my comments about this to your office for consideration. Thank you very much. BPR Action Taken: contacted

Jim Giese

Boise, ID 83702

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling in about the dogs issue. I walk my dog at least twice a day in the foothills and I am real happy with the present restrictions; I don’t think we need any more added restrictions. I do agree that some people don’t pick up their dog poop like they should which my yard shows that once in a while, and it is irritating but maybe some education would help on that. Maybe people would start trying harder. I’m against further restrictions. Thank you. BPR

Tom Ripke

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling to object to the implementation of a leash requirement for dogs using the foothills trails, particularly in light of the fact that no effort has been made whatsoever to try to solve the problem of a few people who are not cleaning up after their dogs. I am in favor of higher fines and enforcement for those people who don’t clean up after their dogs; I am not in favor of having leashes. As far as damage, far, far more damage is caused to the foothills by the bikers than the dogs. Please note me as being against the implementation of a leash requirement in the foothills trails. BPR

Melba Bentley

Foothills Dog Policy: I’ve been watching the proceedings between the dog owners, the hikers, and the bikers with a great deal of interest. I am a hiker and I love using the foothills with my dog. I would hate to have my dog have to be on a leash all the time. I think surely there’s some way we can work together; I encourage enforcement of “scoop the poop” laws and I just hope that you respectfully consider our comments and perhaps some more training for the bikers would be in order too because sometimes they come around blind corners really fast and you’ve no time to get off the trail. Thank you very much for having open communication with us. BPR Action Taken: contacted

Bill Spring

Boise, 83709

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m just calling in response to the dog policy working group. I feel that these guys are way out of touch with your constituents and I think it’s wrong what they’re doing. The recommendations, from what I can see, really have nothing to do with the survey results. I would like to know what the Mayor’s position is on this and what he’s going to do about it. I look forward to your call. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: contacted


Foothills Dog Policy: I just don’t want you to back down on the leash law for dogs. I used to take my children to Camels Back Park but it’s like unpleasant to go there; there’s so much dog waste and aggressive dogs; they chase children and it’s just not pleasant. So don’t be cowed by these people, we need to have dogs on a leash. BPR

Chris Haulnold

Idaho Mountain Touring Owner

Foothills Dog Policy: I just wanted to make a comment on the foothills dog ordinance that I guess is coming up before you guys. I think the recommendation from the advisory committee is a little ill-advised and I think it would be a horribly divisive thing for the community. I was on the original Foothills coalition back in the late 80s and we’ve come a long way and I believe that with a lot of education and time, I think it’s going to take a lot of time, just like what happened with the mountain bikers this can be turned around. But with passing a law, singling out a single user group to persecute is a terrible thing and really is very premature to do something like that. There has only been a small period of time put into this education and I know, again, with some of the other uses, it took 10 or 12 years. We will be a much better community if we take the time to do it without having to pass more laws. I would be happy to talk to anybody about this; I’ve been involved with this for over 20 years and I think I have some pretty good insight into some things. I’m also a multiple user—hiking, cycling, even snow shoeing in the winter. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: contacted

Jack Lavin

Boise, ID 83712

Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling for myself and for my wife, Rose Marie Lavin. We would like to put our two cents worth in on the current debate about the dog leash laws in the foothills. We are in favor of it; we are older people and we use the Table Rock area quite often, and it’s very disconcerting when a mess of dogs come flying by or coming at you without leashes. So we are in favor of the leash law. Thank you very much. BPR Action Taken: left msj

Jo Snyder

Boise, ID

Allied Waste: I’m calling concerning property we have at 8005 Queen St. We’re having problems getting the trash picked up; I’ve had to call them about three or four times in the past. The trash has been in the garbage can for the last month and hasn’t been picked up when set out on the street. I was just wondering if you could possibly help me get this resolved. I pay my bill on time regularly, all the time and I think that it would be good if the trash was picked up like it is supposed to be. Please get back with me as soon as you can. Thank you. Action Taken: left msj PW


Carpenters’ Remodeling

Rocky Carpenter - owner

Graffiti: Our company would like to offer a service to the city for graffiti cover-up at a very minimal charge and wondered if we could speak to someone about that. Either Rock or I would like to receive a phone call back. Thank you. Action Taken: left msj BPD

Elizabeth Fredericksen

Boise, ID 83716

Bus Service and Dogs: I have two comments I would like to make. he first one is—Why don’t we have a bus route that goes out as far as Columbia Village? There’s one that goes out to Federal Way at the Fred Meyer, but there are so many people who live out at Columbia Village, Micron’s out there, plus we have sport fields and I would think there would be some utility in having access to people without cars. I think you would also see big advantages in terms of cutting down on commutes, etc. My second point has to do with the dogs on leash issue, and I’m sure you’re getting tons of phone calls. I live across the street from the Oregon Trail Reserve and frequently take our dog out and we keep her on leash. Probably 50 percent of the people don’t bother using the leash ever, and there’s vegetation trampled all over the place, there are droppings all over; we did have deer but I’ve seen dogs chase them on numerous occasions. They are killing the quail out there; they are digging to try to get ground squirrels, etc., and it’s a real problem. I have never seen anyone do any enforcement and no matter how nicely you ask people to keep their dog on leash or call their dog back, people are down right nasty about it. There are a lot of dog owners who just don’t think the laws apply to them. The reality is that maybe one in 10 dog owners have enough control over their dogs, and there are some marvelous dogs out there. I would say 50 percent of the people keep their dogs on leash, but it’s that four in 10 that abuse it; they believe they have control over their dogs, but frankly they do not. Their dogs are abusing the vegetation; my child has been attacked, jumped on by dogs running around, and I’m sure they didn’t mean to hurt him, but he’s really quite nervous about large dogs now. My own dog has actually been literally bitten and attacked as dogs run away from their owners. It’s been a difficult time training her so that she doesn’t react with fear when she sees other animals. I appreciate the opportunity to let you know about these things. Thank you. VRT Action Taken: contacted

Randy Strough

Foothills Dog Policy: Normally I don’t call in for things in the editorial, but this foothills news about the dog mess, there’s a real simple solution. I used to go up there and motorcycle. I was ticketed once in 1982 and now it’s full of houses, but I was eroding the land. If you want the dog problem to stop, if a dog attacks someone, charge them $1,000; if a dog poops and they don’t pick it up, charge them $1,000. Just put a stiff fine on it and it would stop; it’s too easy. We don’t need recommendations; we don’t need surveys; just slap a fine on them. t’s that easy. BPR Action Taken: contacted