Doggone: 17 Pages of "No Leashes"

The weekly report of Mayor Dave Bieter's hotline calls is a doozy this week: The transcript reveals a full 17 pages of calls about the no-leash policy under consideration by the Boise City Council.

You got nothing better to do? Read 'em. They're transcribed below:

April 26 – May 2, 2008 Page 1 4/25/08 Al Henderson 7230 El Caballo Dr Boise 04 375 4220 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling to object to the article in the paper concerning what the city council and the mayor might be doing with the off leash rules in the Boise foothills. I am a dog owner and have been my whole life. Have used those foothills in the Hulls Gulch area. My dog is highly trained. I’m a tax paying citizen and I really really object to the fact that we may loose our rights to have our dogs off leash in those foothills. I pick up after my dog every time and I pick up after other dogs. I really do object to this and want to hear from somebody in the mayor’s office. Thank you. Action Taken: contacted

4/25/08 June Gregg 3681 La Fontana Way Boise 284-0191 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m really concerned about who’s on the committee to make recommendations about dogs on the foothills trails. It doesn’t appear that there was any advocate for the 75% of people that are walking on those trails have dogs. 90% are better behaved than the mountain bikers. As you know, there is mountain biking going on there all winter tearing up the trails in the springtime, going way too fast and are a danger to pedestrians also. It seems like the mountain bikers have all the trails to themselves and everything is off limits for the dogs and I’m not going to pay a fine and I think I have good course to sue the city for discrimination. I don’t think this is fair and I don’t think the public was listened to enough and any concessions were made whatsoever for those people that hike w/ their dogs in the foothills. It needs to be reconsidered and opened up again to public opinion. I think there are a lot of people who weren’t aware of this ordinance going in to effect. Thank you for your consideration. I intend to make a lot more phone calls about this. Action Taken: emailed her

4/26/08 Riley McDevitt 338 0460 Foothills Dog Policy: I just enjoy taking my dog in the upper foothills. My dog enjoys running free. I sympathize with part of the policy, but I’d have a difficult time having her on a leash all the time. It’s been nice having this freedom. Maybe there’s a different way to do it instead of having a total leash law. Anyway that’s just my opinion. Action Taken: Left Msj

HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 2 4/26/08 Jaimos Skriletz 1808 N 11th St Boise 02 866 9613 Foothills Dog Policy: I am a dog owner expressing my concern on the proposed bill to eliminate the rest of the off leash trails in the foothills. I guess I can safely summarize my stance in a few statements. Statement #1 is unfortunately this isn’t an issue of just limiting dog owner’s freedoms; this is an issue of removing dog owner’s freedom from having a convenient and local location where they can take their dogs for walks their dog off leash, chase a Frisbee or ball, whatever they need to exercise the dog. This is unfortunate because currently in Boise 95% most of the parks in Boise are already off leash for the limits of dogs and this requires us to already, if we have to, unless we live close to the foothills, to drive to the foothills or a place to run our dogs. I guess the second issue is an amendment to the bill. I would prefer that I’m against it and on the other hand I think we need to move the other direction. We need to give dog owners more freedom. There needs to be some parks or corners of parks, of course away from kids, in which a person can take your dog for 20 minutes and have them chase a ball or have them run around off their leash without fear of being fined. The reason why I mention this is that it is good to have a healthy and social dog. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: contacted

4/26/08 Charlotte Olson 8399 W Hill Rd 602 7818 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about my concern for the dog policy in Camel’s Back and I wanted to find out more about that. Somebody told me they are going to ban dogs from the park and I’m very concerned about that. I’ve been taking my dog there and never had a problem. I want to find out more about it and see what I can do to protest that if that is the case. Thanks bye BPR Action Taken: left msj

4/27/08 Arleen Katter 321 Eden Boise, ID 869-4306 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about the issue up at the foothills where some group wants to put forth a law that requires that your dogs be put on a leash. I think that it’s wrong; I’m very strongly against it. We go up there with our dogs to let them run and to let them play; I enjoy going up there with them. I would not enjoy going up there with them on a leash. It would interrupt my quality of life. I go up there to run and I can’t really run very well with dogs on a leash going up and down the hills, uprooting rocks and what not. I take them up there to give me some assurance from predators, snakes, and whatever else might be up there. I think these folks that are trying to do this may not even be natives of Idaho; if they want to go somewhere where there are dogs on a HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 3 leash, they can go to the Greenbelt; that’s provided there for them for that; it’s a controlled limited area for people and they can use that instead of going to the foothills and trying to interfere with the people that go up there to enjoy the freedom that we have here in Boise. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

4/27/08 Jody Liby 8410 W. Sundisk Garden City, ID 83714 724-2077 (336-1617 in phone book) Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about the dog policy recommendation. I think that they are unjust and unfair. I have been a ?? for three season ??, and I just don’t think there’s a problem, and the recommendation to only allow two dogs per person doesn’t even make sense when the city allows you to own three dogs. Also they want to displace dog users into higher land which would then displace wildlife further up. I don’t think it’s fair; I think there needs to be other recommendations besides all lower trails on leash, and I definitely that the recommendation to have only two dogs per person is ridiculous. Thank you very much. BPR Action Taken: left msj

4/27/08 Erica Feider 504 Avenue E Boise, ID 83712 424-0016 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling the Mayor’s office today to voice my opposition to the proposed on-leash only trail for dogs in the foothills. I feel that this is a huge mistake and I am upset that there are no other alternatives on the table at this point. I, for one, would be more than happy to pay a user-fee for the dogs, even though that is technically double taxation; I would be more than willing to register my dogs and pay a fee for additional maintenance and enforcement; but, I feel that this is a huge mistake and again I’m just voicing my strong opposition to the recommendations that the dog committee is considering at this point. I sincerely hope that the Mayor’s office is taking this issue very seriously. Thank you for your consideration. BPR Action Taken: left msj

4/27/08 Colleen Moulton 123 Randall St. Boise, ID 83705 860-0635 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling to strongly oppose the recommendation to close low and the double trails to off-leash use. This would make the foothills inaccessible to those responsible dog owners who to exercise their dogs without excessively contributing to the emission problems in the valley, not to mention those who can’t afford to drive all the way up to Shaffer Butte on a regular basis just to walk their dogs. This HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 4 would also make these trails unusable for mountain bikers who bike with their dogs. You can’t ride with a leashed dog. Replacing these off-leash areas with dog parks would not be particularly helpful for anybody’s dog that does not play fetch, which is pretty much what the dog parks are useful for. So, I would strongly recommend, or hope, that Boise would continue to allow off-leash use and accessible trails to the center of Boise. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: contacted

4/28/08 Airport: I’m going to several cities now at airports. They have cell phone lots. Places where people can pull in and wait and get a cell phone call when somebody’s got their luggage. In Boise it just seems like people are driving around and around. It seems to be a waste of gas. Could the city do a cell phone lot? I know there are some businesses that I see people parking in, but I know the businesses don’t necessarily like people waiting in their parking. Is there anything the city could do? Thank you. Airport A small cell phone lot located on the airport entry drive north of the parking garage is being constructed and should be complete in the next month or so.

4/28/08 William White 4130 Ticonderoga Boise 336 9633 Code Enforcement: I’ve lived here for the last 31 years and I have a concern about people who are parking trailers on the street, in particular the people at 4170 Ticonderoga and 4089 Ticonderoga. It’s right on the turn and unfortunately it poses a traffic hazard and I’d really like to see this taken care of. I have left a message at code enforcement. I’m sick and tired of people going beyond what they should. I am being a bad neighbor but this is really beginning to tick me off. I do tons of volunteer work for the city and I think it would be a fair return if we could get this traffic hazard taken care of. PDS Action Taken: left msj

4/28/08 Lou Goldman 504 Pueblo 867 0189 Foothills Dog Policy: Want to voice my support to keep things regarding the dogs on the trailheads within the foothills as is with the same policy regarding the off leash laws. I wanted to say that additional garbage’s are needed in the direct periphery and military reserve. The area is impacted a lot more in the direct area and falls off substantially the further out you go. A few garbage cans would go a long ways. And definitely reduce the amount of complaints as far as pet owners not picking up after their dogs. It would be tragic to see this go away. I appreciate your time. BPR Action Taken: contacted

HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008 Page 5 Laura Root 658 8111 x15 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling in opposition to the on leash only recommendation being given to the city council next week regarding dogs in the foothills. Just asking to please reconsider that recommendation that isn’t necessary. BPR Action Taken: contacted

4/28/08 Amy Freeman 376-2448 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about the foothills for on leash only trails. I’m calling to strongly oppose that. Those trails need to stay the way they are. The dogs and owners need a place to go so the dogs are?? to be on a leash. These other recommendations that I’m looking at, I don’t have a problem with the fines, I think owners certainly need to be responsible. But again I strongly oppose taking away those trails for those dogs to be off leash. BPR Action Taken: left msj

4/28/08 Lori Corrick 579 W. Sandstone Ct Boise ID 83702 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about the proposal about trails within 5 miles be leash only for dogs. I have two comments in addition to what I put on the online petition. This would be discriminatory towards people who can’t exercise in way commiserate with their dogs needs. I see an older couple with two dogs in lower Hulls Gulch daily. They bring balls and throw them for their dogs that are off leash and very well behaved. These people clearly can’t walk the 2 or 3 miles at least that the dogs need for exercise. While dog parks are an option. They really are ghettos. They are ghettoized. They aren’t a good option for people to really exercise their dogs in a setting where the dogs don’t have to jostle for dominance. The second comment I have is the group that has been put in charge of these policies, seems to want to make lower Hulls Gulch into a pristine Frank Church Wilderness. It isn’t that, it wasn’t that when it was voted on and paid for by the tax payers. As all the foundations and abandoned piping will attest it’s been a home to junk. BPR

4/28/08 Tyler Doggits 322 W. Reese 867-0493 Foothills Dog Policy: I just think we need to investigate this dog foothills leash issue thing a little bit further before we start making blanket laws that cover having dogs on leash in the foothills. I think there are a lot of other options that we should pursue first and I hope the Mayor and City Council don’t just jump on the band wagon and decide to do this because they don’t want to deal with it. It would be a pretty bad thing to do; I HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008 Page 6 think it’s the local minority who are raising a stink about it and I think we need to do some other stuff first. BPR Action Taken: contacted

4/28/08 Victoria Moroney 2108 N. 28th St. Boise 870-7595 Foothills Dog Policy: This message is for Mayor Bieter. I’m just calling about the on- leash law they’re trying to pass. I’m against it; I take my dog into the foothills almost every day. I run from my house so I don’t have to drive and pollute our city any more. I think the foothills are such a great asset to Boise and I just want to voice my opinion to you that I hope that this on-leash law does not pass. I’m a Boise School District educator, and I think education is the most valuable thing. We need to educate the people who are hurting the foothills on how on how to take care of their dogs – picking up after them, keeping them on leashes in the appropriate areas, etc. I guess that’s all I have to say; I hope you take the petition that is being signed seriously and listen to everybody’s point of view and don’t make a rash decision about this. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

4/29/08 Scott Westerland Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling regarding the foothills study group plan for solving problems up there. I think that the recommendations by the study group are worse than the problems that exist up there, and that I think education should be something that we push for before we work on draconian punishment for people and their dogs. I realize that poop is a big problem up there and I think that we can resolve at least some of those issues by educating people and providing a more aggressive poop-control situation up there. I think that we need to have another public hearing so that more people can have input on this; I think that the group had less than, what I would consider, less than representative people on the board for unleashed areas banishing people to the way upper foothills. I can’t even walk on some of those trails up there, let alone access those on a daily basis to walk my dog. I think we need to readdress this issue; I think there are some flaws in the current study. Thanks for letting me have some input.

4/29/08 Pam Frazier 342-1262 Graffiti Report: I’m reporting some graffiti on a sign just as one enters Albertsons’ parking lot from 16th St., the northern most entryway; the sign is one that I think talks about fire lanes. Anyway it’s faded; it probably needs to be replaced or fixed. Anyway, there’s graffiti on there; it’s nice little stylized stuff that I’ve seen elsewhere. Thank you. Graffiti Team

HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008 Page 7 4/29/08 Barbara Henderson 631-9339 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about the proposed on-leash laws in the foothills. I have spoken with Julia Grant today in regards to this and my biggest concern is that the recommendations that the dog committee is about to propose to the foothills open space management committee are just too extreme. I think that we are just trying to remedy something with such extreme behavior that it is going to make a lot of people and a lot of dogs very unhappy. The reason we live in this great community is because of our freedom and ability to use the foothills. I’m a multi-user of the trails; I mountain bike, I run, and I hike with my dogs. Actions of a few have caused these concerns. However, the laws that we have in place right now, as far as picking up the dog poop and having a dogs controlled on off-leash trails are not being imposed, so having new laws and having dog parks built, all at the taxpayer’s expense (which I don’t think is necessary, and quite frankly I think it’s wrong), when the current laws are not being implemented. I think if they were actually in place and they were implemented, I think we would not have the problems we have now. I would be more than glad to discuss this in detail or present in front of the City Council, but the recommendations as they stand right now by the dog committee are absolutely an extreme, extreme, that is going to cause so many more problems than would actually be effective in any way. BPR Action Taken: contacted

4/29/08 Angeli Weller 2140 Colorado Ave. Boise, ID 83706 409-0286 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling to record my very strong opposition to the proposal that is going around about making the lower and middle foothills on-leash only for dogs. I walk in the foothills every single day with my dog and I do not see the problems that the working group is alleging, and certainly I don’t see them as a result of off-dog leash walking. I just wanted to register that sentiment with the Mayor’s office as well; I will be attending the up-coming meeting of the working group to express my opinion directly, but wanted to make sure I expressed it to the Mayor as well. Please feel free to call me or contact me with any questions. Many thanks. BPR Action Taken: left msj

4/29/08 Leonard & Paula Hill 220 Horizon Dr. Boise, ID 83702 342-4164 Foothills Dog Policy: We’re calling about the committee that has been looking into the Ridges to Rivers trails and particularly as to whether dogs are going to be allowed off leash in the trail area. We can’t advocate enough how concerned we are that they be allowed to continue to be off-trail. I know that there were a number of recommendations reported in the paper and we are hoping that a middle ground can be found because dog parks really aren’t going to help us; we want to walk with our dogs, we don’t want to be HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 8 confined to a park area, and we would like to be able to do that off leash. We’re hoping that that item, when it’s taken up with the City Council, will receive a different result than the recommendations that the committee is putting forward. Please let us know if we can provide any further information. Thank you. Action Taken: contacted

4/29/08 Mary Westerlund 338-9381 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling to express my disagreement with the recommendations of the off-leash dog committee. I am hoping that more time can be used to study this issue and perhaps another public hearing be held so our concerns can be heard. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

4/29/08 Peter McCullough City employee 384-3906 or 1-928-607-5359 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m a citizen of this city and I just have a comment about the proposed ban on having dogs off-leash in the foothills. I think that this is a really bad idea; I think that it’s been glossed over and nobody has know about it, and all of a sudden this foothills advisory committee is saying they’re going to ban letting dogs off leash everywhere. It’s not a good idea; the public wasn’t involved and also it’s kind of ridiculous because nobody is going to be able enforce it anyhow. I just wanted to leave that comment. BPR Action Taken: left msj

4/29/08 Anonymous Same guy as Tuesday Misc: Again, for the record, I’m a copy-righted artist. You may not share, reproduce, transcribe, or share any of this with the media without my express written consent. Second of all, I got to throw one by ole’ Dave there, if he’s still the Mayor. I hope that won’t last long, but as you’re driving out, if you’re going down I-84 out of Boise, when you come past Gowen Road, there are sign boards, that say “fire works, the next two at 7031 Federal Way”. There’s a white one up there that say’s “Elliott Lumber”. When I get there, I’m going to put “recall Dave Bieter, disbar Christopher Bieter, me and Murphy”, and then there’s this, oh what the hell’s his name again – Robert Uberaugua or some sort of thing. Then I’m going to sit back and check them out. When they paint that out, that is going to be malicious property damage, and you know I ain’t going to argue with the police about it. There’s going to be a couple more names on the list, right? That one time Vaughn Killeen called me and wanted to rent that sign board, and I’m going to throw “support local law enforcement” right next to “recall Dave Bieter, disbar Christopher Bieter, me and Murphy, and this Joseph Uberaugua” or the second or some nonsense in the defraud of the Elliott Living Trust, and there’s nothing they can do because it’s my first amendment right to advertise, but they’re just not going to like it, you know. But see, I’m against gangsters, which is why, you know, we need to recall HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 9 Dave Bieter and disbar Christopher Bieter, me and Murphy, and this Joseph Uberaugua or whatever his name is. There’s nothing they can do about what I’m painting on that sign, so it’s going to be fun to watch what they’re going to do. At least Vaughn Killeen offered to pay money for political advertisements. It’s going to be fun to watch – I might throw “skateboarding is not a crime”, but anyways, you may not say anything to the press about this conversation without my express, that means written, Dave’s an attorney, but he’s not a very good one, but you know, when your brother goes after my mom’s money, Dave, I might paint that out and put “re-elect Catacorn again” because I am against gangsters, which makes me against Christopher Bieter.

4/29/08 Greenbelt: Hi, I’m calling about the walking path that starts at Cottonwood and goes to River Run and kinda goes by spring meadow. It is a walking only path and there’s just getting to be a lot of bikes on there and they just don’t seem to care. I saw a walker that got hit, the patch is very uneven, and its gravel and they’re going very fast. Is there anyway they can patrol that? I’d think you’d want to keep it that way and not have people get hit by bikes. Is there anyway police could give tickets on that? Thank you. BPR

4/30/08 Gene and Laura Lehmann 1810 W. Yale Ct. Boise, ID 83706 424-0181 Parking & Garbage Cans: We have a problem. Our neighbors are all BSU students renting from someone who is not present at the addresses. They are parking parallel and angularly in the street, blocking our driveway. I could not get to an appointment today at a dentist’s office because my driveway was blocked, and they are repeatedly, consistently for the last five years at least, leaving their trash cans in the street every day. In a violation of a Boise ordinance, after trash pick up, they just leave their garbage cans in the street; sometimes literally in the street. I am ashamed and embarrassed to have anyone come to my house. We are paying exorbitant taxes; we are homeowners at 1810 W. Yale Ct.; we are not rental tenants and we really do not appreciate having to live in slum-like conditions. Now these students are renting and their owners of their property need to enforce this upon them, including having to be responsible and take their trash cans off the street and not park in front of our driveways, and not park at an angle onto the street so we cannot see oncoming traffic. How simple is that? We’re middle-aged taxpaying citizens, owning a home here in the middle of this chaos, and we have done nothing but try to get help for this problem and no one wants to help. So, I am appealing to the Mayor’s office to please intervene and speak to the appropriate agencies involved. Do you have any idea what it is like to try to invite someone to your home and have garbage cans sitting in the street, or you can’t leave your driveway because some freakin’ student is too cheap to pay parking over at BSU and decides to park in front of your driveway? This is not acceptable; we are taxpaying citizens, and our property taxes have really gone up lately. We do not appreciate having to pay all this money for someone’s irresponsible child to just say, “Oh, screw this, I just want to park here; oh screw this, my trash can’s too heavy; I don’t want to take it out of sight; I think I’ll just leave it in the street.” Come on now, we can do better than this. PDS & BPD Action Taken: left msj HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 10 4/30/08 Kay Hansen 336-0737 Graffiti: I’m calling about graffiti that needs to be removed. It’s on the corner of State St. and Mercer, about a block away from the intersection of Veteran’s and State. It appeared on Monday morning and is still there, and needs to be removed. Thank you. Graffiti Team

4/30/08 Gena Glenne 685-6958 Garden Donation Request: We have a new initiative that is all about connecting kids with nature. In response, I want to put in a native and vegetable garden at my son’s montesory school; it’s Boise River Montesory on 26th and Sunset. They have a large space that they’re currently not utilizing; it’s 110 ft. by 70 ft. I’m putting together a proposal and looking for various donations. Right now I’m thinking about fill material for the extensive walkway system that I have designed in there. The Department of Fish and Game will be contributing $500 towards native plants; our agency will be contributing funds; I’m planning on hitting up several businesses in the area. I was wondering if there is anything that the Mayor’s office may be able to contribute or help with, such as some of the fill materials for the walkways, or labor, building supplies, etc. We’re also considering a couple of other garden projects that could come up after this initial garden project, so I may be bothering you again. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: contacted

4/30/08 Delbert Coon 1911 Spaulding St. Boise, ID 83705 336-2650 Library Kudos: Yesterday, I visited the new Hillcrest Library and I was impressed; not only by the ambience and the structure, but also by the ready utilization of the facility. I was there around 4:00 in the afternoon and it is during that awkward time between when kids get out of school and parents get home from work. The place was packed with I would guess grade school, middle school, and high school kids. So, I see the money spent on that facility as contributing to what I would like to think of as a community index of livability where the return is measure not in dollars and cents, but in quality of life. So, to summarize this whole thing in one word, I would like to say to City Council and the planners – Thanks. Library

4/30/08 David Johnson 2624 Hillway Dr. Boise, ID 83702 377-2807 Foothills Dog Policy: My comment is about the proposed actions on eliminating the freedom of me and my pet to go walking in Hulls Gulch. I think that the bureaucracy is HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 11 totally out of hand and what is seemingly going to be proposed when it should be just as simple as establishing a payment system where residents will pay a yearly fee and visitors can pay a one-time visitors’ fee; and from that money that is collected, a city employee can be hired to go through the trails and clean up any dog poop that is supposedly offending someone. It should be no more difficult than that. You could have an honorary pole put at the beginning of the trail heads; you could put out public word and it could work; but don’t take away our freedom and the beauty of everything that is Idaho. It’s all about man, and dogs, and being open and having access to this land. It shouldn’t be any more than what I’ve just described. Okay? Thank you and I sure hope that you’re listening. BPR Action Taken: contacted

4/30/08 Drew Caughlin 1320 N. 6th St. Boise, ID 83702 890-5264 Greenbelt & Dog Policy: Actually, I have a couple of comments, the first one being my concern about the access to the Greenbelt for biking. I believe that it’s part of an overall transportation plan that needs to be completed, or thought through. To let the Mayor of Garden City, with a special interest, as in his own, be allowed to block a comprehensive plan for transportation development. I would certainly commute on my bike a lot more if the bike lanes were better marked, as well as cleaned occasionally. There’s an awful lot of debris in the bike lanes. Obviously transportation is an important issue to the Mayor, and I appreciate his efforts, but I think to let the Mayor of Garden City block an overall plan is not right. My second issue is in relation to the leash law ordinance, or rules that they’re contemplating for the foothills. I’ve lived in Boise for 15 years and I’ve had my dogs up there, and I would agree that there are some dog owners that don’t pick up after themselves, but I think there are other ways to address it other than having a mandatory leash law. I appreciate your time. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: contacted

4/30/08 Kevin Nicolescu 1401 N. 18th St. Boise, ID 83702 Park Citation: I was just stopped by an officer. I was out walking my dog and he was off the leash, and the officer said that anywhere in Boise it’s $122 fine with your dog off the leash, and within the parks it was $66 fine. We were walking over to Elm Grove Park, and I’ve heard all the rumors about the controversy over there, and I agree with some of it – how people should be picking up after their dogs and what not, but you I realize everyone’s dog is the best dog in the world, but my dog is a stay-by-your-ankle dog; he does not require a leash; he follows all commands. Really, it’s unnecessary; now I understand that the law can’t be good for some and can’t be good for others. You HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 12 can’t pick and choose; you have to follow the law. My argument is, it’s unnecessary; it’s silly, and if you can, my suggestion would be to have a license for your dog; if he is a good dog, if he passes these tests, to have a special license for a non-leash dog. My other complaint is, man, you know what, in Elm Grove, I realize there are probably some problems with people with their dogs off the leash, and that’s fine, but these people who are calling in, it’s not just their park and they don’t get to say what happens all the time. It’s everyone’s park in the North End and it’s unfortunate that this is happening. Also, there’s really no where to go; it seems silly to me that in this town, to get to a place where you can walk your dog off leash, I have to get in the car and drive there. Boise is billed as a city of outdoors, and it’s horse shit that I have to drive to the flood water reservoir behind Fort Boise or on the trails. There’s no where to play Frisbee with your dogs; there’s no where to play with a tennis ball unless you’re wealthy and have a huge yard. That’s just ridiculous and it’s unfair. I guess I’ve said my piece and thanks for listening. I hope we can get some things figured out because it’s not right. BPR

4/30/08 Wendy Mattson 302 N. Garden St. Boise, ID 384-9352 Foothills Dog Policy: I just tried to sign the on-line petition for “no leash only trails in Boise Foothills” and I couldn’t do it. I’m very upset over that. I want my voice heard; I do not want them to put in “no-leashes”; I am for leashless access, leashless hiking of my dog. Please count my name for this because I’ve just spent an hour trying to sign the petition – “No leash only trails in the Boise Foothills” and I couldn’t get on it. I am voting against that, so please keep dog owners’ votes as well. BPR Action Taken: left msj

5/1/08 Deanne Robb 6374 Pomona Boise, ID 83704 890-3436 Foothills Dog Policy: I would like to express my comment about trying to leash all the dogs on all the trails in the foothills. I strongly disagree with it. I feel as a taxpayer, I voted to pay extra taxes for the levy for the ability to continue to use the foothills, and I feel that we’re getting railroaded and somewhere down the line I have a feeling that there’s probably going to be a developer who wants to come around and put some more houses up there. I think it’s headed in that direction. Again, I strongly disagree with this new law that they’re trying to pass by keeping your dogs on a leash on all trails. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

5/1/08 Anonymous New Bus Route: I am concerned that city buses are off route and parking on city streets for 10 – 15 minute intervals. It has been explained to me that sometimes buses run HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 13 ahead of schedule and I’m concerned because this bus is parking on our street and I hope nothing untoward is going on, however my husband noticed that this bus came up from 36th Street about 20 minutes, drove down Magnolia to 34th, left on 34th to Forsythia, and parked on Forsythia for 10 or 15 minutes. The dispatch at Valley Ride doesn’t seem concerned if this is the person’s house to whom the driver lives, no big deal. But, when we turn on our television and see such strange things as bus drivers driving drunk, on drugs, or whatever, we hope that it’s not some kind of drug delivery system going on, or whatever. We just don’t know; we think it’s unusual for a bus to come on our street when we’re not on his route. If our street is going to be included on that route, kindly let us know. Thanks. ValleyRide

5/1/08 Pam Fraser 342-1262 Graffiti: This is to report new graffiti at 504 Philippi; this is on the base of a monument sign. It’s brand new stuff as of yesterday. Thank you. Graffiti Team

5/1/08 Thomas Cornwall 1809 N. 24th St. Boise, ID 83702 345-4998 Foothills Dog Policy: I am calling regarding the pending action before the City Council regarding dog on-leash requirements in the foothills trail system. It has recently come to my attention that with rather limited public input, a proposal is to be made to the City Council in the near future, which severely restricts access to the trail system, and essentially eliminates all off-leash activities. My concerns in this area are several fold. One, as a frequent walker of dogs in the foothills, while I’m aware that dogs can cause certain problems under inappropriate supervision including dog poop not being picked up adequately, dogs that may, if they are the hunting type, may harass wildlife or possibly harass people who are not comfortable with dogs or cyclists, I feel that in fact these incidents are few in number and largely a phenomenon of poor regulation and controlled by a select minority of owners. In my experience, the majority of walkers like myself who walk dogs on a regular basis, in my case four or five times a week, in the foothills areas are respectful of other people, do pick up their own dogs’ stools as well as those of other dogs that they encounter. This process has to my mind, not taken into account that dog owners themselves are users of these trails just as are cyclists, runners, etc., and that some of the problems cited and attributed to dogs, in fact are more fairly attributed to cyclists; i.e. the braiding of trails or runners who create far more off-trail activities than do dogs. I think there are a number of alternative proposals that could limit the dogs’ access to certain trails’ areas during critical periods of the year that could lead to better enforcement of existing statutes, and could curtail inappropriate dog owner activity. First, enforcement of existing statutes could go a long way in this regard. First of all, dog stool has diminished dramatically since the outcry regarding excessive HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 14

fecal matter along the trail system beginning in February. Two, the proposal that only the upper trails be open to dogs off leash is ludicrous on the face that there is no parking access in the upper trail system for the number of people that might be using this; it would lead to increase of more fossil fuels driving to more remote areas; and finally there is wildlife access in these areas as well, especially during the more critical summer months. Further, the idea that the city would fund alternative dog parks, given that they cannot fund dogs parks that have been proposed over the last five to ten years is at best sops, and more likely intellectually dishonest. I would propose alternatively that, 1) dogs be restricted from all lower trails in the Hulls Grove area, with trail access off leash only from the Nature Learning Center upward; 2) that dog owners be limited to two dogs under their direct supervision; 3) that appropriate supervision of statutes be enforced by a ranger system. Further that a volunteer poop patrol organization be created; I would be more than willing to participate and indeed help underwrite some of this. Further, that all dogs, leashed or off leash, be restricted at appropriate breeding seasons in the lower Hulls Gulch walking areas. I would also suggest that runners be required to maintain dogs on leash at all times if they are not supervising their dogs and more focused on their runs, and the cyclists be excluded from riding with dogs, since they are even worse than runners in terms of lack of supervision, observing where their dogs are pooping, where they are going and what they may be doing. These are simply a few suggestions; I intend to follow up at the City Council meeting, as do many of my friends who are similarly concerned. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

5/1/08 Debbie Bonsteel 7517 W. Devonwood Dr. Boise, ID 83714 424-0855 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling regarding the no leash only trails, or I should say the trails that are being taken away from all of us dog owners for the dogs to be put on leashes. I have done, as a college student in a grad class in Ohio, some park studies and officially our group was asked to find the best utilization. Walking through the foothills basically adults with kids use the front of Camels Back all the way through to the new museum. It seems more feasible to make all those trails, especially since most of the wildlife is around there, to make all those trails from the front of Camels Back to the museum and around the museum for leashed only, then have everything radiating out from the museum trail, which would include like Crestline, Hulls Gulch, Military Reserve, etc., make them off leash. I think that would be a little bit more feasible. Unfortunately with bikers and dogs, I don’t have a suggestion for that, but I have noticed a decrease in the amount of poop on the trail, and we dog owners are calling people on their dog’s behavior and not picking up their poop. Because of this it has triggered some positive results, but I don’t think those of us who keep our dogs under control should be penalized. Thank you. BPR Action Taken left msj

HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 15 5/1/08 Andy Mose 383-0064 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about the no-leash only trails. I have a concern about that; it’s not that I don’t think that some trails should be no-leash, but I think to blatantly wipe them all away and have very few at hand, in close to town, places where you can let your dog run off leash, is something that I’m opposed to. You can call and ask my opinion if this wasn’t coherent. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

5/1/08 Philip David Morale 275-9847 City Drinking Area Request: Hi Mr. Mayor, Mr. Bieter. We were just really worried that there’s no place for us to drink. We’re not trying to do any harm or any hurt. Can you please give us just one place to drink? You know, we don’t want to hurt nobody, we don’t want to do no harm, we don’t want to...I mean just be out of context, you know, cause I know that Boise is a growing city. You know, my life, I’m a Cancer, and my life is about caring about people, and you know now I hear that things are just going so hard core around here. I finally was able to be helped by the most beautiful lady of my life; her name is Sarah. This is a beautiful world; why is it so hard? God Bless, and you know I will be holding a sign in front of the City Hall. Thank you...we just need a place to drink – you know, somewhere easy around Corpus Cristi, somewhere easy around Sanctuary. We love you and God Bless.

5/1/08 Ron Marquit 3300 E. Redstone Dr. Boise, ID 344-4012 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling in to support these new regulations for dogs on leash only, and in some areas where they shouldn’t be at all to bring the wildlife back, and the designated “no dog areas”, I support all of this. The number of dogs a person should walk and also the enforcement end, I support that. In fact I think this is just bare minimum; some of this should even be stronger regulations because we see dogs running loose up here in the foothills all the time right out our window. We’re glad to see that you’re doing all this work to get control of this situation. If there’s anything I can do to support on the 7th at 7:30 am at the Learning Center, if you need testimony, I will testify in support of these regulations. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: left msj

5/1/08 Isabelle Holt 1519 N. 23rd Boise, ID 83702 345-6322 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m calling about the proposed dog leash rules. I really feel that this is kind of premature. I’ve seen a huge difference; I’ve been walking in Hulls Gulch HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 16 and Military Reserve, and Corral’s Trail for 10 years now, almost daily and I’ve seen a huge difference since the meeting about a month ago regarding dog poop. I think things have really, really improved, and I think that it’s very premature to be talking about all these draconian measures at this point. I think the education should be given a chance to work; and as far as driving dogs five to ten miles out of town for off-leash, I think that is environmentally really unsound, and I also don’t think that’s good for wildlife; wildlife tends to be further away from habitation, rather than closer to it. I’ve never seen a dog chase even cattle out on Corral’s Trail, and I’ve never seen a dog fight. So, I think this needs to be reconsidered. BPR Action Taken: left msj

5/1/08 Scott Johnstone 409-0181 Foothills Dog Policy: I am calling in regards to the potential new rules on dog walking in the trails in the lower foothills and having to have your dogs on leash. I would be strongly opposed to such rules and was wondering how the Mayor stood and what his position was on this. Action Taken: contacted 5/1/08 Carol Claremont 207 521-4014 Foothills Dog Policy: I just moved to Boise a couple of weeks ago, and I guess I wanted to talk to the Mayor about where he stands on the proposed new rule about dogs being on leash in the foothills. I am strongly opposed to that; I believe that’s one of the reasons why I moved to Boise because I could take my dog off leash and enjoy the beautiful trails. Action Taken: contacted

5/1/08 Margaret 1623 Helen St. Boise, ID 332-1829 Code Enforcement: Today, I left a message with Code Enforcement in regards to the property next door that is on the corner of Dorian and Helen St. (I believe the address is 1625). They are doing some work there and they have a very large mess in the back yard with a big old tractor/trailer thing, and this garbage has been sitting there now for quite a few days, over a week, and we’re starting to see small mice in it and people picking through the garbage. This is all next to me and on top of that, this morning I came home and I saw a big old dump truck that says “asbestos, dangerous waste” in it, and when I looked down from the inside of my house, there is asbestos material in it that just looks like they’re in big garbage bags. There is no cover on top of this big trash bin; we have children two and four years old in the neighborhood who are very curious, and go on the lot to play. I’m concerned they’re going to get into that material and get sick. I’m also concerned that the place where this is parked is within maybe 10 ft. at the most of my garden on my property that I just planted. I don’t want my family getting sick because this material is there, and the way that they’re handling it does not seem HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008

Page 17 appropriate because it is not covered; we have wind storms, lightening, and dead trees in the neighborhood and anything can fall in that trash can. That material can be blown everywhere and I don’t want it blowing onto my house. The other concern I have is that no public notice was sent to me as to what’s going on at that property. My neighbors have told me that there have been requests made to the city for a developer to develop that land; I have no idea what they’re doing on that property and I have concerns; I would like to know what is going on, on that property, I would like the correct procedures for the clean-up to be followed on the property, I want the garbage to be removed, I want the asbestos trash bin moved to the very end of their lot and not next door to my lot where my children are and where I’m at. This is very upsetting to me and I would like a call back. I would really appreciate a call-back, since once again, Code Enforcement has ignored my pleas to please enforce the law cleaning things up. Thank you. Action Taken: contacted and it has been cleaned up

5/1/08 Margaret Odedo 1623 Helen St. Boise, ID 332-1829 PDS: I have some additional concerns I did not leave on my first message regarding the lot next to me on the corner of Dorian and Helen Streets (1625 Helen). In addition to all the other problems going on with the lot, I’ve noticed in the alley that they have things marked out for the gas line, water line, and the sewer line up in the front. However, again nobody sent me a notice, nobody knows where my original lines were that were here in 1932 when my grandmother bought the property. My original water lines may not be on some of the old maps. I don’t want them digging and making a mess of my water lines; I don’t want them encroaching on my property because they might think my property ends at my retainer wall and it does not. I have some concerns that some honest surveying has not been done and I need all the information addressed and I really would appreciate answers tomorrow. Thank you again for your help. Action Taken: contacted

5/2/08 Steph Brian 794-3484 Foothills Dog Policy: I’m concerned about the dog policy. I want to sign to get the 5,000 signatures. I just think it’s absurd to try and leash every dog up there. I think it’s the bicyclists who are complaining about this, and if anything they need to slow down and reroute the bikers who are doing 100 mph up there. So that’s my complaint; it’s not even safe to walk up there anymore and so if we need to have a petition, I think it should be in concern of slowing down the bicyclists up on the trails. I am just appalled that this would even be considered. Thank you. BPR Action Taken: contacted

5/2/08 Mrs. Jennifer Telander-Whitewing I’m not too thrilled with the city at this point. I think that your hospitals are over priced and, let’s see what else.....

HOTLINE April 26 – May 2, 2008 Page 18 5/2/08 Steve Marzolf 2025 Harrison Blvd. Boise, ID 83702 367-1566 Foothills Dog Policy: Dear Mayor Bieter and City Council Members: I am calling to express my opposition to the proposal to be put forth by the Foothills Dog Policy Working Group regarding changes to the rules governing the off-leash foothills trails. It is my opinion that the committee totally disregarded the input the citizens of Boise have offered, taking the drastic step of requiring taxpaying citizens to drive further into the foothills to walk their dogs off leash, while not first attempting to implement and facilitate the positive suggestions offered by the citizens of this city is a tragedy. Furthermore, the makeup of the Foothills Dog Policy Working Group gives the outward appearance that this group was created for the sole purpose of eliminating dogs and their owners from the mid and lower foothills trails. Over half of the eleven members, as listed on one of the group’s documents, defined their user group as runner, mountain biker, or hiker, while only one is clearly a dog owner. I suspect that it will be argued that many of the group’s members own dogs; however, judging from their user group listing, their primary use of trails is other than for walking their dogs. If the makeup of the working group were a majority of dogs, I suspect that the recommendation would be vastly different. In closing, I again express my opposition to the proposal of the Foothills Dog Policy Working Group as it is currently written. Surely there must be other alternatives. I ask you to please encourage the working group to consider other less drastic measures. Thank you for your consideration. Action Taken: contacted