Living in a Material World


Madonna has a new album out. Hard Candy is quintessential Madge which is funny because the only thing about Madonna that's consistent is her inconsistency. At an age when we begin to expect rock stars to retire, the queen of reinvention managed to release a CD more befitting a 20-something's Jay-Z produced hip-hop chart topper (Timbaland and Justin Timberlake both provide cameos on "4 Minutes").
As cool and timeless as they may be, it's tough to watch say, Mick Jagger strut his stuff or see Angus Young in his kneesocks and parochial-school uniform and not make some joke about broken hips. But at 50, Madonna—who, on the album cover, sits slightly dressed and spread-eagle—manages to avoid looking either creepy or sad. Say what you will about Madonna, but whether due to diet, exercise, a happy home life or her recently adopted faith, the woman looks damn good.
I am facing a milestone birthday this year. I think I may turn to the Material Girl for inspiration much like I did two decades ago ... listening to "Lucky Star" wearing spandex shorts, fingerless gloves, an oversized bow in my hair, and 40 or 50 rubber bracelets on my wrists, I felt like I could do just about anything.
Atkins out (and almost at the "Borderline").