Intermountain Gas Considering Sale


Intermountain Gas Company, the privately-owned Boise-based utility, is apparently considering a sale of the company.

When contacted by BW, a spokesman for the Public Utilities Commission could only say that Intermountain Gas officials had met with two of the three commissioners to discuss the possibility of the sale.

"We have received word of a possible sale," said Gene Fadness, a spokesman for the Public Utilities Commission, which regulates Intermountain Gas.

Employees at the utility reportedly have begun receiving letters notifying them of a possible sale. Officials at Intermountain Gas did not immediately return calls from BW.

"Any sale of a regulated utility must be approved by the commission," Fadness said.

A review of a sale, which Fadness said is a lengthy process, would take into account any potential buyer's ability to manage the customer load and maintain price structures and stability. The review would also take into account the financial viability of the buyer.

Intermountain Gas serves more than 275,000 customers in Idaho, according to the company's Web site. Residential customers account for 37 percent, the company stated.

Intermountain officials met today with Public Utility Commissioners Mack Redford and Jim Kempton to discuss a possible application. No formal application for a sale has been made, Fadness said. Commissioner Marsha Smith was out of town today and did not meet with Intermountain officials, Fadness said.