Ron Paul is On The Ballot

John McCain may have clinched the Republican nomination for president, but Idaho Secretary of State Ben Ysursa is still willing to give Ron Paul a chance.

Ysursa announced the May 27 presidential primary today, and in so doing said Paul was on the ballot.

Which will make Ron Paul fans very, very happy.

"He hasn't backed out yet," said Tim Hurst, deputy Secretary of State.

In making his judgement call about Idaho's ballot, Ysursa said Idaho law has two ways for presidential candidates to get on our ballot. One way is to have your candidacy "generally advocated or recognized in the national news media." Can't say that Paul isn't still talked about, but somebody find us the "generally advocated" part.

The other way to get on the Idaho ballot for president is to file a declaration of candidacy and pay a $1,000 fee. They've got until April 7 to do that.