Who Is Randy Jackson?


Why, he's a father and a Nampa citizen.

At least, that's how he's been referred to in almost every news story (including this one in the Idaho Statesman) about Jackson's crusade against sexually explicit books in the Nampa Library.

But, as some bloggers and Jackson himself point out, he's also the director of a Christian activist group called "Youth 4 Revolution."

First to point this out were two left-wing blogs: New West's Sharon Fisher pointed it out in her post here, and blogger Chris (no last name provided) at The Unequivocal Notion.

It's real simple, Chris argues: Jackson may be a father who lives in Nampa, but the main point is he's a Christian activist and the media are missing the point when they fail to reference him as such.

"What is important is how this story was fed to the public," Chris wrote in his blog entry on the matter.

Jackson, in an interview with BW, said it's not right to mix the two.

Jackson, 32, says he's a father of two, lives in Nampa all right. And yes, he's the director (and founder) of Youth4Revolution. In fact, if you call the contact numbers listed on their Web site, you'll get Jackson.

"This was two separate issues," Jackson said. Youth4Revolution's main focus, he said, "is the pro-life issue."

So far the only media outlet to identify him as a Christian activist of any sort is the Idaho Press-Tribune in Nampa.