The Ole Dem Switcheroo

It's musical chairs for local Democrats, as some are bowing out of their seats and others are announcing their new candidacies for others.

Sen. Mike Burkett started it. The Boise Democrat announced this weekend that he was done with politics in the Statehouse. His exit was confirmed by several Democrat sources on Saturday.

His seat was barely cold when Rep. Nicole LeFavour announced she would run for his seat in District 19. LeFavour, a Democrat and Idaho's only openly gay legislator, must have had her powder dry for this one for a while.

LeFavour, who sent out what may be the longest press release in state legislator history, did say she would be sad to say adios to the House, but eager for the Senate, if she wins.

"In the House I leave behind much work I have begun with members of three fantastic committees. I will especially miss the Revenue and Taxation Committee because I feel that the work there is so vital to ensuring fairness in the lives of Idaho families," she said in her release.

LeFavour's decision to go emboldened former Ada County Democratic Party chairman Brian Cronin, who had made a go at LeFavour's seat before. Well, she's out, so Cronin, who owns a public-relations firm and who has been mulling a run for months, is in the game.

“I look forward to continuing the District 19 legacy of standing up for our children and public schools, Boise’s unique quality of life, clean air and clean water, and human rights,” Cronin said in his own statement.

Lest you think there's any ill will out there over people running for other people's seats, Cronin kindly provided a list of endorsements that includes LeFavour.

That list also includes Mayor Dave Bieter and Ada County Commissioner Paul Woods, who's also hoping for some company on the commission from Sen. David Langhorst, the Boise Democrat who has announced his own run for a county seat now occupied by Rick Yzaguirre.

Phew, got all that?

The season for filing for elections is, of course, now. The Idaho Secretary of State's office has given electoral hopefuls between now and March 20 to file for office.