OPP (Other People's iPods)


People who know me, know I'm a big fan (and regular purchaser) of high-tech gadgets and are usually surprised to discover I don't own an iPod. Not even an "old-school" one. Never have.
I have purchased several mp3 players, though. I bought one when they first came out (16MB capacity) for an outrageous price. The most biggest one I own (20GB) is a refurbished iRiver I bought from Woot.com (that's about the size of a pack of smokes but weighs as much as a carton). I also have one that works with a Lexar jump drive and a tiny Sandisk (2GB). I also own about 20 sets of headphones, but that's another issue.
I've stayed the course against the iPod. It's nothing personal, I just didn't want to be a bandwagon-jumper-onner. But as cooler, smaller, prettier versions have continued to roll out, accompanied by an endless stream of add-ons and accessories, and more people I know are walking around sporting green, pink and silver iPods small enough to slide into a Trident package AND that can hold several episodes of Flight of the Conchords, I'm wearing down. I have an expensive vacation coming up, so a major purchase (which the iPod I want would be as far as I'm concerned)is not an option right way. But, the vacation is in Las Vegas where I'm betting a few visiting gamblers have had to pawn their precious pods. I blogged earlier this month about how I want to see more of Vegas than pawnshops and wedding chapels, but if it means I get to see a couple married by an Elvis and can pick up an iPod on the cheap, I'm willing to check out the grittier side of Sin City.

Atkins out. Resistance is futile.