Google guy Aaron Stanton is at it again with another trip to Google headquarters in California.

Last February, Stanton made international news with his pilgrimage to Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif., where he showed up unannounced to pitch an idea to the Internet search engine company. Through his blog,, Stanton was not only able to make in-roads that eventually landed him a meeting with Google execs, but he gained attention from thousands of people worldwide, making him the overnight posterboy for the modern struggle of David vs. Goliath.

After last year's quest fizzled with a response from Google, which Stanton declined to call a "no," he told BW he was moving forward on his project without Google. To date, Stanton has yet to reveal the specifics of the project, however, speculation points to a company Stanton started while in college at the University of Idaho called Novel Projects, Inc.

Forward, however, is exactly where he's gone with the mystery project. Over the course of the last year, Stanton has gathered a team of five programmers who have worked furiously out of a garage and via the Internet (one of Stanton's crew lives in England and another is based in California). Last Sunday, all five rendezvoused in California to begin what Stanton calls "Chapter Three: Releasing Ideas."

In a video on his blog at, Stanton says his mission is basically still the same: "How do you get a big company to really listen to a good idea when it's basically coming from five guys in a garage?" Now, however, Google isn't Stanton and Co's only target. They've set their sights on Microsoft and Amazon as well. (Yahoo contacted Stanton early last year as he was gaining international attention.)

The crew leaves California on Saturday, Feb. 16, and according to, the details of the project will be released—"barring any extraordinary events"—to the public on March 10.

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