I didn't know PBR made tall boys


I just spent the last couple of hours with Boise punk-n-roll band Manville, a group of five guys who get together to play not because they feel it in their souls but because they're five guys who just like to get together and play. And drink beer. Brian, Jason, Matt, Mike and Nick crack lame jokes and make fun of bands that take "their craft" too seriously. Squeezed into Manville's 3'x3' cinderblock practice space, I was treated to five or six songs that, if I hadn't been there in a professional capacity, would have had me whipping my hair around and pumping my fists like a 19-year-old boy. And they don't turn the volume down for rehearsals.
Check for a BW Noise feature on these crude dudes in about two weeks.
Atkins out.

(The blurry camera phone photo is a loose representation of Matt and Jason.)