Oh My, Oh Bama

Wow, couldn't have predicted that one, nope, nosirree.

AP and NBC say, guess what? Obama, the guy with five offices in Idaho, takes the Idaho caucus handily.

Almost as radical as the lead story in the daily paper today.

Better buy me an Obama for Idaho t-shirt - BW
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  • Better buy me an Obama for Idaho t-shirt

They're tallying results here. Damned if we can figure their chart out, though. More gin, please.

So sleepy. Everyone in country is soooo sleepy. These guys barely made it through O'Bama's speech this evening. But, they blog it so we don't have to.

Wait, wait: Randy Stapilus has some important stuff to say snnnoorrrhhmmmm.....Huh? What? Oh, sorry, nodded off there.

Pithy, pithy, pithy ... wait, what? 8,000 who? We will find them and we will wipe them out. Goo'bye.