Krick Sells Reef, Front Door


In December BW caught wind that conjoined Sixth Street eateries Reef and Front Door were not only on the market, but had a buyer all lined up and ready to go.

Owner Dave Krick quashed the rumor, saying that neither business was for sale at the time. Turns out that was a teeny white lie on Krick's part. His denial didn't convince anyone, however, including then general manager of Front Door Shane Randel, who said at the time he was under the impression that both businesses were for sale. Looks like we were right on the money when we called Krick's bluff in Food News that same week.

Reef and Front Door officially changed hands this week, with Chad Johnson taking over ownership. Neither Johnson nor Krick have yet responded to requests for comment. However, Randel posted a notice on announcing that he'd been let go as part of Johnson's management restructuring.

If we had our say, we'd recommend a kitchen shake-up, too, because Reef's culinary performance of late has certainly left plenty of room for improvement.