The Sounds of Silence


Several of my colleagues are off to an AAN (Association of Alternative Newspapers) conference in San Francisco tomorrow. As with all of the AAN conferences, this one is sure to be chock full of information they'll bring back to help us in our ever-present mission to make our publication the best it can be. Our editor is out of town as well, though not on business...he's vacationing in Puerto Rico. As is hopefully the result of any vacation, he's sure to come back relaxed and re-energized. It's going to be quiet around the BW world headquarters tomorrow which is fine, but I tend to thrive in chaos. I like the sound of phones ringing, copy machines copying, people yelling, and all the beeps and buzzes of computers. Tomorrow and Friday, I guess I could figure out how to be productive in the silence. But I'll probably pop a CD into my computer, put in my headphones and turn the music up really loud.

Atkins out