Only Sometimes a Slacker


I've not been a very diligent blogger. I follow a few blogs rather devoutly and am miffed when they aren't updated regularly. On the other side, two of them that I follow--the Lefsetz Letter and updated so often I actually have trouble finding time to keep up. For my own blog, I need to find a middle ground.
I'm about to write something I thought I would only ever write if I were penning a novel and needed a ridiculous line of dialogue, but am actually writing in regards to myself: I started going to the gym. My publisher at BW worked out a deal for her employees, and for a nominal monthly fee, we were all given the opportunity to have a Gold's Gym membership. Not ever having stepped foot in a gym, but not wanting to be left out, I signed up. And not unlike many people with good intentions, I paid each month but didn't actually ever go.

A nasty flu bug earlier this month left me enervated and consuming little more than saltines and chicken broth for several days which, in turn, left me a few pounds lighter. Encouraged to not only maintain but increase the loss, I decided I'd take advantage of said gym membership and in the company of a couple of my working-out workmates, I took a Pilates class (which kicked my ass initially but which I intend to eventually conquer) and found that a regular workout on the treadmill is not only not impossible for me but actually enjoyable. Each treadmill has an individual TV and I'm amazed at how watching an episode or two of Family Guy makes the time (and miles) fly by.

I feel fitter, happier and healthier and can see myself becoming a bit obsessed, going every day of the week, or turning a complete 180 and finding excuses not to go at all. As with my blogging, I'm hoping to instead walk the path down the middle, making both exercise and blogging just regular parts of my regular routine.
Atkins out.