Bowers Responds, But Petitioners Want Him Out

Communist fighter Rep. Curtis Bowers now says people just didn't understand him when he wrote about the resurgent Red Menace. Here's his essay responding to critics. It's in the Idaho Press-Tribune.

Which may or may not satisfy the folks who have organized an online petition asking him to step down.

In an e-mail to BW, petition organizer Eileen Wight of Nampa says Bowers is wasting his time going after the Reds.

" With so many real issues facing Idaho and Canyon County, I'm appalled that one of our legislators would dredge up an issue like communism, of all things, and use it as a divisive tool," Wight wrote. "We just don't need people like that representing us. I hope he resigns. Do I think he actually will? No, but I'm hoping that enough people sign the petition to send him, and others like him, a loud and clear message."