Risch Returns to Roadless


While he may not be governor anymore, Lt. Gov. Jim Risch is taking the roadless plan he created while serving in the state's highest office to Washington, D.C.

Risch will testify in front of the U.S. Forest Service on Tuesday, explaining why the Idaho Roadless petition he developed in 2006 still merits consideration.

"Idaho has developed a one of a kind petition. Our Rule strictly protects some of the most magnificent and unique properties in America while at the same time allowing for flexibility for stewardship activities on other lands. This rule will ensure conservation and responsible land use for Idaho's Roadless Areas." Risch said in a prepared statement.

Risch's plan came after President Bush sent the roadless issue back to the states, requiring each to come up with its own proposal. The decision was questioned in federal court, which sent the petitions into a state of limbo.