He's Back


Sen. Larry Craig is back in legal news, filing a 96-page "brief" asking the Minnesota Court of Appeals to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea in the now-infamous airport restroom toe-tapping romp.

Billy Martin, Craig's attorney, released the following statement:

“Our brief contains legal arguments supporting Sen. Craig's position that the district court abused its discretion by refusing to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea.

"Pursuant to Minnesota law, there is an insufficient factual basis to support the finding that he is guilty of violating any laws while passing through the Minneapolis airport. Thus, we renew our arguments that it is manifestly unjust to deny Sen. Craig’s request to withdraw his guilty plea. The state has 45 days in which to file a responsive brief." Craig's original motion to withdraw his guilty plea was dismissed last fall. In the meantime, he remains in office in Washington, D.C.