"Get Over It"


The moment came during the Associated Press's Legislative Preview, held Thursday in Boise.

Last year, after ascending to power in the Idaho House, Speaker Lawerence Denney led a move to strip House Democrats of seats on the powerful House Appropriations Committee. Democrats had gained new seats in the Legislature, and expected more clout as a result.

No dice. Their influence on the purse-strings committee actually waned as a result of Denney's decision.

When it happened, House Minority Leader Wendy Jaquet, a Ketchum Democrat, led a walkout by her party from the House chambers in protest. In response, Denney continued as if nothing had happened.

She hasn't forgotten, but it may not do her much good.

"I'm still sulking over the loss of my third seat on Appropriations," Jaquet said, giving Denney a playful chuck on the shoulder as she said so.

"Get over it," Denney responded.