Veggies in the lockup

According to a the results of a survey conducted by the infamous animal rights group PETA, Idaho's clink cafeterias rank the most vegan and vegetarian friendly in the country.

With food choices like lentil shepherd's pie, veggie lasagna, vegan hotcakes, vegan pizza, soy sausage and vegan desserts, Idaho inmates can serve time without sacrificing their dietary ethics.

That is, when they're not getting shipped to Texas and getting into fights with the jailers.

"Whenever you see convicted criminals turning away from a violent animal-based diet, it's a good sign," says PETA Vice President Bruce Friedrich in a prepared statement. "We commend Idaho for helping to protect its inmates' health and deeply held beliefs."

Also making the top 10 are Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Georgia (Michael Vick should enjoy a tofu scrambler and vegan peach pie), New Hampshire, Utah, Hawaii, Tennessee, Kansas and North Dakota. Click here for more.