Showin' Us The Money

As the PR spin of Alternate Energy Holdings continues to enthrall Idahoans, we love watching the "facts" come rolling out.

As reported by the Idaho Statesman, AEH now says they've got cash promised them by Silverleaf Capital, a Salt Lake City venture firm.

That's on top of money promised them by a company best known for funding bed and breakfasts.

Strong coffee ... nuclear power ... can't you smell the synergy?

Okay, but now it's getting even better. As reported, Silverleaf says they've got $150 million for Don Gillispie and friends to get started.

You know, showing 'em the money and all that.

We were curious too, so we dialed up their Web site on the Internets, and boy these guys mean business. They've actually got a picture of the money they intend to loan Gillispie.

Yep, that's actually an image from their Web site.

People, it's as good as done. We heard they're going to deliver it in a fleet of black Cadillac limos. Guy with a long black overcoat, Gargoyle sunglasses, leather gloves will hand it to Gillispie.