Dems Defend Craig

Sort of.

Idaho Democratic Party executive director said if Mitt Romney can't be expected to stand up for a fellow Republican, how can they expect him to stand up for the country?

Here's the statement Foster shipped to reporters after Romney's appearance in Boise this morning:

"We’re appalled that Mitt Romney has the temerity to show his face in Idaho. His politically-motivated decision to throw Larry Craig under the presidential campaign bus came at a time when Idaho needed a friend, but Romney showed very clearly that he’s no friend to Idaho. He has a reputation as a flip-flopper, but to flip-flop on Larry Craig shows he’s just another politician who will say anything to raise money. It’s the worst kind of Washington politics, and Idahoans don’t like that. If we can’t trust Mitt Romney on Larry Craig, how can we trust him to protect the people and the land that make Idaho great?"