It's All About the Timing


With less than a week to go before the Boise city elections, both candidates for mayor are pushing their message; but in very different ways.

While Mayor Dave Bieter is flooding the airwaves with advertisements, Council Member Jim Tibbs is pointing out where Bieter wasn't. In a release issued earlier today, Tibbs lists four Boise neighborhood association candidate forums that Bieter did not attend.

"The residents of the neighborhoods took their time to learn more about their government and Dave Bieter was a no-show," said Tibbs in a written statement.

Listed in the release are forums held by the Collister Neighborhood Association, the Morris Hill Neighborhood Association, the Harris Ranch Neighborhood Association and the North End Neighborhood Association. So why wasn't Bieter there? He never said he would be, said his campaign manager Ryan Hill.

Hill said Bieter had prior commitments on the three of the nights in question, and that the Harris Ranch forum was for City Council members only.

"To make some kind of bizarre claim that this mayor is not accessible [is ridiculous]," he said, citing the recent Saturday neighborhood meetings Bieter has hosted.

While Bieter could not attend, Council Member Maryann Jordan represented him at the Northend Neighborhood Association and state Sen. Elliot Werk stood in at the Morris Hill meeting.

A representative from the Collister Neighborhood Association confirmed that Bieter had informed the group that he would be unable to attend.

Bieter had a well-timed release of his own today.

According to an announcement issued by his office, Bieter has asked the City Council to commit $50,000 for the Idaho Meth Project, a program aimed at reducing first-time meth use.

Tibbs had criticized Bieter for not dedicating money to controlling the meth problem in Tibbs' public safety plan released earlier this week.