The Dems Take A Swing

Idaho's Democratic Party has been pretty mum on the whole Craig affair.

Now, with the KTVB and NBC interviews out, Idaho Democratic Party chairman Richard Stallings came out swinging against U.S. Sen. Larry Craig.

"The damage was done when Larry Craig failed to disclose the arrest to the people who elected him. If he had done that, the damage would not be nearly as great. However, after listening to Larry Craig on various interviews tonight, it appears that he still thinks this is about Larry Craig, his career and his legacy. It is not."

"Let's be clear: Larry Craig isn’t fighting for Idaho – he’s trying to save his own political skin. After listening to the televised interview, I don't think Larry Craig understands that this scandal has become bigger than himself or his career. Idaho's reputation has been tarnished by all of this. Whether he stays or goes, it doesn't really matter. The damage is done."