Craig: The Halloween Costume

The Hill newspaper has it figured out: the scariest thing they think you could be this year for Halloween is a certain Idaho senator.

Yes people, it's true: there will be jokes for every month about Idaho's senior senator.

And we had just begun to fret about our Halloween costumes.

BW Editor Shea Andersen, notoriously party-averse, now has his figured out.

Here's a few of their tips, ripped clean off their Web posting:

-Sport a large sign that reads "NOT GAY"

-Carry a roll of toilet paper and keep a square taped to your shoe

-Construct a bathroom stall around you, held up by suspenders (much like a kissing booth)

-Carry a boarding pass, Minneapolis to Washington

-Attach a knife handle to your back, identified by the letters "GOP"

-Wear tap shoes

-Cling to a giant Senate seal (you can occasionally mention that you're about to let go, but then don't)

-Show up with a friend wearing a police badge around his neck.