Here Comes the Appeal


The Craig carnival continues. As promised, Sen. Larry Craig has filed a motion appealing a Minnesota judge’s ruling which denied his request to withdraw a guilty plea from an earlier arrest.

There is no information given in the motion (other than that Craig paid the $500 filing fee.) But given Craig’s much-publicized upcoming interview with NBC, we’re sure to hear more about it.


Craig's attorney, Billy Martin, issued the following statement in response to the appeal.

"From the outset Senator Craig has maintained that he is innocent of any illegal conduct at the Minneapolis airport. Senator Craig has a right to appeal and we believe that it was a manifest injustice not to allow Senator Craig to withdraw his guilty plea entered in August.

Like every other citizen, Senator Craig has the constitutional right to make every effort to clear his name. Senator Craig is hopeful that the Court of Appeals, after reviewing our arguments, will reverse or vacate Judge Porter's decision denying his motion.”