Money Trail


With less than a month until the election, Boise Mayor Dave Bieter has raised $227,132 for his re-election campaign.

The numbers were released today as city candidates rush to file the required financial reports. The fundraising totals for Boise City Council Member Jim Tibbs, Bieter's opponent in the race, were not available by the end of the day on Wednesday.

Bieter's financial support base comes from a wide cross-section of the community, including large business, developers, environmental supporters and Democratic Party players.

Among some of the notable names on the list are: Compass board member AJ Balukoff ($1,000); Western Watersheds board member Gene Bray ($850); Bieter's spokeswoman Elizabeth Duncan ($1,000); Blue Cross of Idaho ($1,000); Boise Airport Commissioner Edward Stimpson ($1,000); Boise City Council Member Vern Bisterfeld ($400); U.S. Senate candidate Larry LaRocco ($500); former governor Cecil Andrus ($650); State Senator Nicole LeFavour ($200); Washington Group International ($1,000); Larry Grant ($500); the Boise Tour Train ($1,000); the Boise Firefighters PAC ($1,000); Idaho Deputy Att. Gen. Rob Luce ($900); Pete Cenarrusa ($900); Micron CEO Steve Appleton ($1,000); and Dr. Paul Collins ($1,000).

Check back for more updates as more candidates file their reports.