Widespread Panic, Oct. 8, Idaho Center


I don't care how great a hype-man a hip-hop musician has, or how many Myspace friends an emo band can claim, no one has more diligent or loyal fans than a jam band. No one. The faithful will follow their favorite musical act--recording shows as they go and sharing them with any and all who ask--to the ends of the earth and those who love the band Widespread Panic are no different. Fortunately for WP fans in Boise, they won't have to travel farther than Nampa to catch a show; a show different from any of the shows before it and any that follow (one of WP's claims to fame is their ever-changing setlist; another is their tireless touring schedule). If you don't know much about the Georgia-based six-man band, their July release, Choice Cuts: The Capricorn Years, would be a perfect introduction to the band. It's 14 tracks of music culled from the band's years with Capricorn Records and showcases their Southern rock-flavored sound. If you are a WP diehard, this release will appeal to you as well since all of the tracks were "hand-selected" by the band making it the best best-of possible. The songs include "Travelin' Light," "Space Tractor," "Pickin' Up the Pieces," "Blackout Blues" and "Pigeons" are all on this album making it a rich example of the band's history. WP's Idaho Center performance promises to be as unique as any of their shows and, since the band recently played gigs in Tennessee and California, you'll probably make some new out-of-state friends. Oct. 8., 7 p.m., $32, The Idaho Center, 16200 Idaho Center Blvd., Nampa, 208-468-1000.