Mayor's Hotline Calls

9/21/07 Glenn Miles 1306 N. 26th St. Boise, ID 83702 BSU Partnership: Boy, you’d think the greeting would be a lot shorter since this is the Mayor’s Hotline for the secretary that reads the greeting end. I would like to know what the Mayor and City Council are doing in order to enlist interdepartmental cooperation out of Boise State of developing a plan to face the drug problem in Boise. The criminology department is out there, I’m sure they’re aware of some of the drug problems. What are we doing as a city to enlist the criminology department in helping us? I know at Washington State University, the criminology students were enlisted in order to break down some of the problems with traffic. It seems to me that we could develop with an expanded criminology department, student interns in developing a proactive program that could monitor certain areas of Boise that were deemed hot on drugs and begin to cut it down. There’s got to be a proactive plan and that might enlist various departments in Boise State, it might enlist a criminology department, but we’re talking about cooperation with our expanded university and drugs would be a big place to start. I would surely like to have a letter.

9/23/07 Glenn Miles 1306 N. 26th St. Boise, ID 83702 Misc: Good morning for the 8th to 9th week in a row; 1AN5348, a green Honda Civic has been parked on N. 26th between Ellis and Lemp on the west side of the road using evidently a cover for Mass. Now if it weren’t for the fact that we’ve seen Canyon County plates that are obsolete parked in the area, I don’t know whether I would be that excited. Maybe the grandfather that sometimes drives the car doesn’t know that the granddaughter has not put the decal on the plates. Gee whiz, I don’t know whether I should stand out in front of St. Mary’s and take a collection so the guy can get the decal on or whether or not we need to be noticing the drug trafficking. I’ve called a couple of other drug trafficking in, I’ve got some photographs…and incidentally, do you know somebody who used to run for City Council and I think is running for another office now? I’ve asked four times now to get one of his signs in our front yard.

9/23/07 Glenn Miles 1306 N. 26th St. Boise, ID 83702 Mystery of the Missing Tag : You have a shorter message to have to listen to when somebody is in a hurry to get to church than the Mayor’s hotline. Officer Stevens, new on duty this Sunday, managed to find the mystery of the 1AN5348 with the white decal that wasn’t there. The elderly gentleman said that he didn’t know that it had been missing for 10 weeks. At least we have one item down; we still have a drug problem in our area and I’m hoping somewhere along the line there can be an ingenious way of encouraging the neighborhood watch program because the more eyes that are out there, the more you can catch this stuff. If you know somebody who hands out former legislative signs running for another office; I’ve asked for four different times now for a sign to be placed in my front yard.

9/23/07 Glenn Miles 1306 N. 26th St. Boise, ID 83702 Tag Suggestion: New officer on duty Sunday morning and for the 10th week in a row N5348 didn’t have the decal on. He was able to talk to the gentleman who didn’t realize he didn’t have a decal on in his wife’s spot. That may be another reason why we have to look at the decals when we’re working with the legislature about how they’re done because people looking at white on white can’t tell if their own decal isn’t on. In this case, N5348 had paid the license fee but didn’t know they didn’t have the decal on for 10 weeks in a row. Thanks so much, Miles out.

9/24/07 Tommy Carl Smith 15 S. Pleasanton Rd. Apt D 713-7874 (my sister’s phone #) I.D. I have a problem with trying to get my ID card. My schools have not got any picture ID because it’s been 30 years since I have been to school; I was born in 1959. I’ve done everything I can possibly do to try to get my ID. My schools have no records because it’s been wiped off the computers – of picture ID. This has put me into a position where I cannot get work and it’s made me homeless. I need to speak to somebody who has some kind of authority to help me get my ID. I’ve got plenty of paper work dated way back, but I need somebody to help me. I’ve had my school transcripts sent to the Department of Driver Services and I just keep getting the run-around. I’m basically homeless now because I cannot get work because I have no ID. I need somebody to help me. Please give me a call. Action Taken: left msj

9/25/07 Jen Whitewing 1450 W. Highland View Dr. Apt. E104 Boise, ID 83702 New Dance Academy: I am really excited about a project in my neighborhood. It’s an organization that’s pretty well structured. It has secured the use of a very old church building at 12th and Brumback in Hyde Park. It’s a stone structure and they’re going to be renovating to make it safe. They’re turning it into a cultural center and I know eventually the dream is to have children’s activities, especially music, dance, and theater. It will take some construction though, and I’m really excited because I have some experience managing construction volunteers for Habitat for Humanity. I hope to lend my hand and help with money and make this a space where kids can go to enjoy themselves and make music and express themselves creatively. This is a very, very beautiful city and I feel honored to live here. Thank you.

9/26/07 Betty Whitlock Graffiti: I would like you to check out the graffiti on the canal bank west of Gekeler; it’s anti-Jewish and is very, very bad. Thanks. Graffiti Team

9/28/07 Julie Hall 345-8516 Graffiti: I’m calling about some graffiti in the Warm Springs neighborhood. The graffiti is on Warm Springs Avenue as you’re driving east; it’s just past the LDS church; there are some houses just past the church, then on the left-hand side as you’re headed east is a brick building that looks like a pump house. That building has been heavily defaced with graffiti. Graffiti Team Action Taken: contacted

9/28/07 Mrs. Ralph Johnson 2101 East Boise Ave. Boise, ID 344-2869 Graffiti: I would like to report some graffiti on the Bown Crossing Bridge that crosses the Ridenbaugh Canal. It’s on the Boise Ave. side and it’s been there a couple of months. I took pictures on the 4th of August, so I know it’s been there that long. I would appreciate it if someone could do something about it. Thank you. Graffiti Team Action Taken: contacted

9/28/07 Robert Banks 2133 Vista Boise, ID 83705 353-3540 BPD:My complaint is against the Boise Police Department for obstruction of justice and failure to comply with their own laws and regulations. My complaint is that if the officers are not following the basic traffic laws that we have to follow, why should I or any other citizen be held accountable for traffic violations that the officers are not held accountable for themselves. I would appreciate a call back so I can go into more detail with the appropriate person. Thank you. BPD