This Week In Larry Craig

And the hits keep on coming.

That silence you heard this weekend was the sound of U.S. Sen. Larry Craig not resigning, as had been his intent.

That puff of smoke you didn't see coming from the Borah Post Office was the sign that Gov. Otter had not named a replacement for Craig.

Craig's spread throughout the urban mythology realm continues unabated.

First, he has inspired the slang lovers over at to adopt a new phrase and a new definition: Click here to find out what "wide stance" apparently means.

It won't get any easier for Craig in Washington, where the conventional wisdom is that his colleagues are going to make it harder before they make it easier. See the Washington Post for that take.

Oh, but we're only getting started. This morning we found a new Web site devoted to the impeachment of Sen. Craig. The author of idaho refers to him/herself only as a "private citizen of Idaho and of the United States of America." More on that as we gather information.

Yeah, there have been tackier ads, but we can't remember when. But what's Youtube for, anyhow? Click here to see how the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is going to use Craig's bathroom arrest to hammer against the new farm bill. The ad should begin airing in Idaho this week, along with several other states.