All About Idaho


Idaho is back in the headlines—although this time it has nothing to do with a certain senator in a bathroom.

An article published today on the front page of USA Today touts the greatness of the Gem State, calling it the fastest-growing state in the West.

The article paints a sunny picture of the state’s economy, focusing on the wonders of Micron (with the briefest of mentions of the company recently laying off 1,000 employees in the area) and the greatness of development. From farmers in eastern Idaho selling off land to millionaires from out of state, to apparently non-controversial mega-developments in Boise, it would appear that everyone is walking around with permanent smiles on their faces.

The article does give brief mentions to the fact that new money is pricing residents out of the real estate market and that the average income is below the national average. There’s also a great summation of what has been the catalyst for the state’s boom, “chips, computer chips and potato chips.”