Frank Loves Larry

Now, Larry, love thyself.

Liberal New York Times columnist Frank Rich, newly freed from the TimesSelect firewall, has some sorta encouraging words for Idaho's famous senator.

Rich's to-do list: (1) beat the bad rap, (2)come out of the closet and (3) help your party become more tolerant of homosexuals.

"Were Mr. Craig now to keep his seat, maybe his trial by fire would drive him to end his perennial gay baiting and become a latent proselytizer for a return to a more open, live-and-let-live Republicanism in the retro style of Barry Goldwater," writes Rich. "Granted, Mr. Craig has shown no leadership of any kind in his career to date. But if Trent Lott can have a second chance after seeming to embrace the Dixiecrat racialism of Strom Thurmond, why not the toe-tapper from Idaho?"